Monday, January 31, 2011


Updated compilation can be found here

Track 1 - Beat Me Til I'm Blue
Track 2 - Mile High Swinger
Track 3 - Tap Footer
Track 4 - Girl In A Sportscar
Track 5 - Get Ready, Get Set...Fly
Track 6 - Oddball
Track 7 - Organ Mania
Track 8 - Collect
Track 9 - Fun Pack
Track 10 - Hot Seat
Track 11 - Troubleshooter 1
Track 12 - Man Of The World
Track 13 - The Speed Of Sound
Track 14 - The Reporter
Track 15 - Man Of Means
Track 16 - End Credits

This is the first in a series of compilations I am putting together which celebrate the careers of library music legends. Today we begin with Mr. Alan Hawkshaw. It was a bit of a challenge because I have already posted the excellent "Mo' Hawk" collection at Funky Frolic so I had to dig a bit deeper to come up with some groovy gems.

Hawkshaw fans will know what to expect - lots of great organ work, funky drumming and a smattering of horns and synths. These tracks have been culled from various Bruton and KPM releases aswell as a few compilation albums. I've tried to do the best with the material I have and hopefully it does Alan's amazing career justice.


Track 1 - Theme From Stingray / Barry Gray
Track 2 - You Got It All / The Blenders Ltd.
Track 3 - Work Force / Johnny Pearson
Track 4 - There's A Wrinkle In Our Time / 1984
Track 5 - La Gigouille / Bernard Estardy
Track 6 - Feelin' It / The Delta Rhythm Section
Track 7 - Git Jimmy Ruckus Now / Big Pimp Jones
Track 8 - U.F. HO / Big Pimp Jones
Track 9 - Theme From Don / DJ Shadow & Dan The Automator
Track 10 - Harlem Bass / Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger
Track 11 - Chase Adult / Shawn Lee
Track 12 - Trip Through The Water Door / Mr.Chop
Track 13 - Central Park / M.J.Q
Track 14 - Test Drive / Skalpel
Track 15 - Bonus Track / Budos Band

Here is Volume 2 of my Frolic Beats compilation series. I have tried to include a healthy mix of library music, funk and beats from both old and new artists. I'm fairly happy with the results and think it is a slight step up from Volume 1. Obviously I like all the tracks but standouts include the jazzy / funky "Workforce", the classic "Theme From Don" and the heavy, laid back beats of "Trip Through The Water Door". If you like what you hear then please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Track 1 - Eurocrime!
Track 2 - La Morte Accarezza A Mezzanotte
Track 3 - L'Esecutore
Track 4 - Milano Odia: La Polizia Non Puo' Sparare
Track 5 - Convergere in Giambellino
Track 6 - Il Ritorno Della Banda - Parte I
Track 7 - Il Ritorno Della Banda - Parte II
Track 8 - Cinque Bambole Per La Luna D'Agosto
Track 9 - Piombo in Bocca
Track 10 - Sospesi Nel Traffico
Track 11 - Gentil Sesso e Brutali Delitti
Track 12 - Il Consigliori
Track 13 - Si Dicono Tante Cose...

A bit of "modern music" for your listening pleasure, this is an album released just last year by Calibro 35 that is influenced heavily by the cop films of 1970's Italy. The dedication to authenticity is impressive, beginning with the brutal funk of "Eurocrime!" and continuing almost unabated through the whole album. "Piombo in Bocca" is straight up porn groove heaven and "La Morte Accarezza A Mezzanotte" has some pleasing tempo changes. The ultra heavy sound is complimented by some exceptional drumming and bass playing which, when combined with classy songwriting adds up to a modern masterpiece of funkiness. Definitely one of the best albums I've heard in recent years, and that's saying something!


Download here

Track 1 - Move On / Alan Parker
Track 2 - Play It Cool / Alan Parker
Track 3 - Travellin' / Alan Parker
Track 4 - The Young Set / Alan Parker
Track 5 - The Skulker (Version 1) / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 6 - The Skulker (Version 2) / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 7 - High Driver / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 8 - Ski Bird (Version 1) / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 9 - Ski Bird (Version 2) / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 10 - Innercity / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 11 - Freedom Trip / Jon Watts
Track 12 - Tower Of Power / Mike Cox

Parker and Hawkshaw team up on "New Blood" and the results are predictable - some seriously cool grooves and beats. Parker in particular tears things up with "Travellin" and "Play It Cool" while the Hawk's best work is on "The Skulker" and "Innercity". Jon Watts and Mike Cox fill the collection out with a couple of awesome songs, "Tower Of Power" is pure gold! The vinyl this rip comes from has a bit of crackling but it just adds to the feeling that you are listening to a lost library music treasure. Super sweet stuff.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Track 1 - French Connection / Zack Laurence
Track 2 - French Connection Link / Zack Laurence
Track 3 - Courier Express / Zack Laurence
Track 4 - Courier Express / Zack Laurence
Track 5 - Over The Top 1 / Brian Bennett
Track 6 - Over The Top 2 / Brian Bennett
Track 7 - Over The Top Link 1 / Brian Bennett
Track 8 - Over The Top Link 2 / Brian Bennett
Track 9 - Thrills And Spills / Hiller, Upton & Lee
Track 10 - Let's Go Fast / Dave Gold
Track 11 - Let's Go Fast Link / Dave Gold
Track 12 - Wheels On Fire / Brian Bennett & Cliff Hall
Track 13 - Don't Stop! / Brian Bennett & Cliff Hall
Track 14 - Percussion On The Go / Mike Moran
Track 15 - Get Out And Go / Mike Moran
Track 16 - Race Against Time / Mike Moran
Track 17 - Cresta Run / Brian Bennett
Track 18 - Cresta Run Alt. End / Brian Bennett
Track 19 - Death Run / Brian Bennett
Track 20 - Death Run Alt. End / Brian Bennett
Track 21 - The Capture / Brian Bennett

Here's another one of the BRK's from Bruton and it finds the likes of Brian Bennett, Zack Laurence and Mike Moran in good form. As the title suggests, the keywords with this album are excitement and drama. The majority of tracks are uptempo with plentiful breakbeats and funky guitars, good examples of this are "Over The Top", "Thrills And Spills", "Race Against Time and "Let's Go Fast". The pieces by Brian Bennett in particular feature some frenetic, driving percussion that will get your heart pumping. A couple of the tracks haven't aged too well but there should be ample grooves here to keep you entertained.


Track 1 - Darkside
Track 2 - Getting Close
Track 3 - In Terror
Track 4 - Startle
Track 5 - Black Mist 1
Track 6 - Black Mist 2
Track 7 - Countdown
Track 8 - Dissolves
Track 9 - Dank
Track 10 - Short Of Time
Track 11 - Neon Strip
Track 12 - Getting Ready
Track 13 - Stark
Track 14 - Daredevil
Track 15 - Mystique
Track 16 - Art And Science
Track 17 - Lost World 1
Track 18 - Lost World 2
Track 19 - Lost World 3

This Bruton contains a collection of tense, dramatic themes that are suitable for a crime or horror film soundtrack. Deep bass and high strings set the tone with subtle percussion providing the backdrop. "Short Of Time" and "Daredevil" are more uptempo and display touches of crime funk while "Mystic" and "Art And Science" could pass for Italian rare groove. This album, which was composed by Mike Moran and Ray Russell is a real treasure of cinematic grade atmospheres and it gets top marks from me. Thanks to Val Verde for the link and artwork.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Track 1 - Play In
Track 2 - Destruction Of The Flies
Track 3 - Invention Of The Weapon
Track 4 - The Stranger
Track 5 - The Stranger Quest
Track 6 - Finale And Play-Out
Track 7 - Asteroid Belt
Track 8 - Mercury, Fleet Messenger Of The Gods
Track 9 - Comet In Aquarius
Track 10 - The Warhorns Of Mars
Track 11 - Saturn / Chronos
Track 12 - Dawn, Invocation
Track 13 - Gathering Of The Elders
Track 14 - Coming Of The Elements, The Victim
Track 15 - Esoteric Tone Poem

I don't know what kind of future Desmond Leslie envisaged in the mid 1950's when he produced this music but it must have been pretty strange. This album is a compilation of four different recordings ("The Day The Sky Fell In", "Music Of The Voids Of Outer Space", "Sacrifice B.C 5000" and "Death Of Satan"). Those titles give you a clue of what to expect - extreme weirdness!

Desmond was an interesting fellow. He was a spitfire pilot during World War II, lived in a castle (which Paul McCartney used for one of his weddings), co-wrote the very first book on flying saucers and also created the world's first multi track sound mixing desk. Oh, and he punched a t.v host in front of 11 million viewers.

The music is a bizarre mix of vintage electronics, musique concrete and manipulated audio that, when combined, forms a kind of menacing deep space nightmare. There are electronica artists today that would kill to have the ability that Leslie displays on this collection, it is compelling and challenging for the entirety.


Track 1 - Underscore 1 / Johnny Pearson
Track 2 - Motion Underscore / Johnny Pearson
Track 3 - Flute In Motion / Johnny Pearson
Track 4 - Orchestra In Motion / Johnny Pearson
Track 5 - Activity Underscore / Johnny Pearson
Track 6 - Busy Underscore / Johnny Pearson
Track 7 - Incidental Backcloth 1 / Keith Mansfield
Track 8 - Incidental Backcloth 2 / Keith Mansfield
Track 9 - Incidental Backcloth 3 / Keith Mansfield
Track 10 - Johnny Takes A Trip / Johnny Pearson
Track 11 - A Reasonable Amount Of Sanity / Johnny Pearson
Track 12 - Transit To Rendezvous 1 / David Lindup
Track 13 - Transit To Rendezvous 2 / David Lindup
Track 14 - Lonely Horn Solo / David Lindup
Track 15 - Thought For Survival / David Lindup
Track 16 - Traffic Jam / David Lindup
Track 17 - Hoh Hoh Seven / David Lindup
Track 18 - Junior Detective / David Lindup

Keith Mansfield, Johnny Pearson and David Lindup? You know this is going to be good! Johnny starts things off with some very cool jazz numbers. Keith then takes charge with his "Incidental Backcloth" series and David rounds things out with some unusual tracks before the final crime jazz flourishes of "Hoh Hoh Seven" and Junior Detective". This is one of the earlier releases in the KPM 1000 series and it certainly holds its own against other KPM's of a similar vintage. Definitely one for the Funky Frolic jazz cats.


Hi everyone, just wanted to touch base and let you know I have closed the poll I was running a little early. The results were quite interesting, the biggest surprise being that there is a strong desire to see more soundtracks posted at Frolic ahead of some other genres. No problem! Don't worry though, I wont neglect library music, crime jazz, easy listening etc.

I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who voted in the poll, left messages and became a follower recently. It really means a lot. I am planning to release 2 mixtapes on January 31 so look out for those.

It's been a big month with lots of new people discovering the blog and many becoming regular visitors. I hope that you continue to find music that interests and excites you over the course of 2011 because that is what I'm here for.

Cheers, Mr.Craig.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Track 1 - Path To Ascension / Yves Hyatt
Track 2 - Slinky / John Murtaugh
Track 3 - Walk Up Moses / The Spencer Jackson Family
Track 4 - Gang Process / Pierre Duchamp
Track 5 - An Elephant Called Slowly / Howard Blake
Track 6 - Never Knew What Love Was / Christine Harwood
Track 7 - I Got Six / Multiplication Rock
Track 8 - Hot Dogs / Jacques Delon
Track 9 - Rocking Chair / Hightower
Track 10 - Product Efficiency / Johnny Pearson
Track 11 - Kriminal Theme / Maleditus Sound
Track 12 - Two Three Four / Novi Singers

This compilation has a very nice mix of library music and rare groove with the emphasis being on groovy beats. Highlights include "Gang Process" by Pierre Duchamp, "Hot Dogs" by Jacques Delon and "Product Efficiency" by Johnny Pearson. As the cover might suggest there is a bit of a sexy Eastern vibe to some of the tracks. The whole set is unpretentious and accessible, with the possible exception of the crazy "Kriminal Theme". I presume this album was the forerunner to "Beyond The Valley Of The Superbeats which you can download here. Please note - the original uploader got the titles for Tracks 8 and 9 mixed up.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Track 1 - Betelgueuze In The Sky
Track 2 - Moving Grooving
Track 3 - The Big Mameluk
Track 4 - Terefic War
Track 5 - Tchu Tchu Face
Track 6 - Bombe Hachee
Track 7 - Worry For Nothing
Track 8 - Devil's Train
Track 9 - Sex Girl
Track 10 - Tabla Minor
Track 11 - Don't Be Cool
Track 12 - Blue Circuit

This album was put out on the Montparnasse 2000 library music label in 1976 and it's a heady mix of funk, jazz and library music influences. Filled with esoteric moments, it is one of over 300 records released by Jacky in his lifetime and you can sense his skills and experience permeating these 12 tracks. It does remind me a little of "To-Days Sound" by Piero Umiliani in the sense that the instruments meld together in such an obvious and satisfying way. This is highly recommended.


Track 1 - Groove Grease
Track 2 - The Bird
Track 3 - Plain Brown Bag
Track 4 - There Will Never Be Another You
Track 5 - Canadian Sunset
Track 6 - Mr. Lucky
Track 7 - Moonglow
Track 8 - Red Sails In The Sunset
Track 9 - Secret Love

This 1971 release by Jimmy McGriff certainly doesn't stack up to the excellent Electric Funk which you can download here, however there is still some sweet grooves to be had. Jimmy's organ playing is exceptional as always but the other musicians can't keep up with the funk and the production doesn't help things either. To be fair though, I enjoyed this record enough to post it here so it does have redeeming features. The music comes off sounding like a more laid back version of Booker T & The M.G's so if you like their stuff then this should appeal to you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Track 1 - Batman Theme
Track 2 - Batman's Batmorang
Track 3 - Batman And Robin Over The Roofs
Track 4 - The Penguin Chase
Track 5 - Flight Of The Batman
Track 6 - Joker Is Wild
Track 7 - Robin's Theme
Track 8 - Penguin's Umbrella
Track 9 - Batman And Robin Swing
Track 10 - Batmobile Wheels
Track 11 - The Riddler's Retreat
Track 12 - The Bat Cave

Sun Ra produced an album of Batman music? It happened! Here is a bit of info on the man himself care of Wikipedia -

"Trip to Saturn"

Finances and his increasing sense of isolation are believed to have been a factor in Sun Ra's leaving college, but perhaps more importantly, he claimed a visionary experience as a college student, a strange event that was to have a major long-term influence on the young pianist. In 1936 or 1937, in the midst of deep religious concentration, Sun Ra claimed that a bright light appeared around him, and, as he later stated,
… my whole body changed into something else. I could see through myself. And I went up … I wasn't in human form … I landed on a planet that I identified as Saturn … they teleported me and I was down on [a] stage with them. They wanted to talk with me. They had one little antenna on each ear. A little antenna over each eye. They talked to me. They told me to stop [attending college] because there was going to be great trouble in schools … the world was going into complete chaos … I would speak [through music], and the world would listen. That's what they told me.[9]
Sun Ra said that this experience occurred in 1936 or 1937, but according to Swzed, even his closest associates cannot date the story any earlier than 1952 (Sun Ra also stated that it occurred when he was living in Chicago, a town he did not regularly inhabit until the late 1940s). With no substantial variations, Sun Ra discussed the vision to the end of his life. The trip to Saturn allegedly happened a full decade before flying saucers entered public consciousness with the 1947 encounter of Kenneth Arnold; about 15 years before the contactees and their stories of benevolent Space Brothers were publicized by the likes of George Adamski; and almost 20 years before sinister UFO abductions were a public concept with the 1961 case of Barney and Betty Hill. Szwed states that "even if this story is revisionist autobiography … Sonny was pulling together several strains of his life. He was both prophesizing his future and explaining his past with a single act of personal mythology.[10]

It's no surprise then that this album is a spaced out, psychedelic and thoroughly groovy trip. It was released in 1966 but you will know that straight away from listening to it. I can just imagine Adam West getting his freak on to this stuff, it's outstanding from start to finish.


After a fun theme song we are treated to the story of how Superman came to be on Earth. This is followed by a complete retelling of the very first Superman comic from June, 1938. The album is rounded out by 2 more stories including "The Punishment Of Superboy" ("Find out what happens when a super boy becomes a super brat!"). The album may be a little corny but it's a whole lot of fun and a must have for superhero devotees aswell as anyone interested in pop culture.


Track 1 - High Wire / Gengo, Gregorio & Lafata
Track 2 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 3 - Peter Stays And Spiderman Goes / Ragonga
Track 4 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 5 - Square Boy / Nelson
Track 6 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 7 - New Point Of View / Dahrouge
Track 8 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 9 - Spiderman / Axelrod
Track 10 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 11 - No One's Got A Crush On Peter / Minogue & Stevens
Track 12 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 13 - Gwendolyn / Nelson
Track 14 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 15 - Count On Me / Kirkland
Track 16 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 17 - Dr.Octopus (Pt.1) / Palumbo
Track 18 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 19 - Dr.Octopus (Pt.2) / Palumbo
Track 20 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 21 - Green Goblin / Minogue
Track 22 - Narration / Stan Lee
Track 23 - Time Will Show Me The Way / Kirkland, Minogue & Nelson

Now here's a strange one - an album of psychedelic rock tracks based on the trials and tribulations of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. What sets this collection apart is that comic book master Stan Lee provides sections of dialogue describing Peter's troubled life and journey to superherodom. It's a good bit of fun and most of the songs are listenable but it is the subject matter that is the real drawcard. This record was reissued in 2000 but even that release is hard to find, so here is your chance to get your spidey groove on.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Track 1 - Cocco Secco / Paolo Ormi
Track 2 - Batticuore / Renato Serio
Track 3 - Che Meraviglia / Elza Soares
Track 4 - Superstar / Santi Latora
Track 5 - No No No / Paolo Ormi
Track 6 - Night Song / Orchestra King Zerand
Track 7 - Passo Le Mie Notti Qui Da Solo / Stevie Wonder
Track 8 - Skyscrapers / Santi Latora
Track 9 - Rive Bianche / Bruno Nicolai
Track 10 - Aquarius / Elio Gandolfi
Track 11 - Come Cani Arrabiati / Mario Molino
Track 12 - No No No (2) - Paolo Ormi
Track 13 - La Ragazza Di Ipanema / Giovanni Fenati
Track 14 - Love On Love / Orchestra King Zerand
Track 15 - Passatempi / Bruno Nicolai
Track 16 - Oh! Calcutta / Santi Latora
Track 17 - I Bikini / Piero Piccioni
Track 18 - Saudade De Nise / Zeta One

"Glamorous Boogie Grooves For A Fashion Lifestyle" is the tagline for the 4th entry in the Mo'Plen series and that is exactly what you get. Go go grooves and uptempo dancefloor numbers abound with Bruno Nicolai and Mario Molino providing some nice work. There is a fab version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" which is very similar to the Johnny Keating rendition featured on "Sound Gallery Vol.1" and the same can be said for "Oh! Calcutta" but the version featured on this album is way superior. This is possibly the best volume in the whole series but I'll let you decide for yourself.


Track 1 - Non Ti Credo (Mas Que Nada) / Marita
Track 2 - Senza Paura / Ornella Vanori & Toquinho
Track 3 - Hippie / Pedro Gomez
Track 4 - Felicita (Felictade) / Orietta Berti
Track 5 - O Rugido De Leao / Piero Piccioni
Track 6 - Diamond Bossa Nova / Francesco De Masi
Track 7 - Pais Tropical / Wilson Simonal
Track 8 - Meu Brasil / Vittorio Paltrineri
Track 9 - W La Felictia / Jona & Coro
Track 10 - La Rua Madureira / Nino Ferrer
Track 11 - Per L'Eternita / Brasilian Boys
Track 12 - Quisaseva / Orchestra Bruno Matelli
Track 13 - Andre / Marc 4
Track 14 - Maracana / Giovanni Lamberti Orchestra
Track 15 - Missoula / Luciano Bergonzi
Track 16 - La Nudista / Daniele Luppi

The mix of Italian and Brazilian grooves is a natural combination, especially when it comes to music of the 1970's. Starting with a very nice version of "Mas Que Nada" the syncopated beats and sexy vocals flow easily on this collection of loungetastic songs. Piero Piccinoni and Marc 4 both provide excellent tracks and overall it is a satisfying and funky meeting of styles that fans of easy listening and rare groove should get a kick out of. A similar compilation is "Scoctopus - The In Sound From Octopus Records" which you can find here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Track 1 - Fallin' In Debt / Dero-Bert And The Half Truths
Track 2 - Chicken Lickin' / (Live) / The Fantastics
Track 3 - Go-Go Train / Big Joe Louis And The Soul Investigators
Track 4 - Put Some Grit In It (Part 1) / Karachi Prison Band
Track 5 - Izzy Come, Izzy Go / The Funk Revolution
Track 6 - One Man Song / The Qualitons
Track 7 - Soul Pop / Mauri Bailey
Track 8 - Hakusha / The Neopolitans
Track 9 - Stop The Madness / Tynnes Well & The Magic Fountains
Track 10 - Humpin' / The Unstoppable S.Robinson & Marvelaires
Track 11 - Brasil No.7 / Ben Martin Trio

You could put most of these tracks on a compilation of 1970's deep funk and I doubt anyone would notice because they are so true to the spirit of what made the music of that period brilliant. It's also a good sign for the crate diggers of the future to know this kind of stuff is floating around just waiting to be sampled and mashed. The production qualities maintain the 70's vibe with prominent drums, guitars and horns complimenting the organ and flute solos. There is a bit of an Afro influence to a couple of the tracks aswell as some very nice vocal numbers. In fact the only miss comes in the form of the final track "Brasil No.7" but even that has some pretty sweet drumming on it. Go get it!


Track 1 - You're Losin' Me / Ann Sexton
Track 2 - (I Got) So Much Trouble On My Mind / Sir Joe Quartermain And Free Soul
Track 3 - Got To Getcha / Maceo & The King's Men
Track 4 - Keep On Marchin' / The Meters
Track 5 - I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky / Ripple
Track 6 - Black Water Gold / African Music Machine
Track 7 - Hercules / Aaron Neville
Track 8 - You're Gonna Miss Me / Ann Sexton
Track 9 - Mother In Law / The Ohio Players
Track 10 - It's A New Day / Skull Snaps
Track 11 - A Funky Song / Ripple
Track 12 - Funky Miracle / The Meters
Track 13 - I Gotcha / Joe Tex
Track 14 - Sport / Lightning Rod
Track 15 - Goo Bah! / Continental Showstoppers
Track 16 - Yes We Can / Lee Dorsey
Track 17 - Hit 'N' Run Lover / Tommy Young
Track 18 - Tropical / African Music Machine
Track 19 - Quiet! Do Not Disturb / Bobby Paterson
Track 20 - Give It Up / Lee Dorsey

With a lineup including The Meters, Lee Dorsey, Aaron Neville and The Ohio Players it's no surprise this collection lives up to the album title. A couple of these songs should be instantly recognizable - "(I Got) So Much Trouble On My Mind" was recently re-recorded by Sharon Jones And The Dapkings and ofcourse "I Gotcha" was one of the highlights of the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack. Other songs of note include "Sport" by Lightning Rod and "It's A New Day" by Skull Snaps (their album is coming to Funky Frolic soon). To the serious funk aficionado this album might cover some familiar territory but it's a worthwhile journey thanks to the quality of the track selection and the excellent performances.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Detective Theme
Track 2 - High Terror
Track 3 - Iron Fist
Track 4 - Police Python 357
Track 5 - Chief Inspector
Track 6 - Infernal Chase
Track 7 - Angelo's Bar
Track 8 - Prohibited Sector
Track 9 - Manipulated Code
Track 10 - Night Fever
Track 11 - Checkpoint Charlie
Track 12 - Zone Y
Track 13 - Shadowing
Track 14 - Serum Of Truth

L'Illustration Musicale library is the source for this excellent selection of crime infused grooves composed by Eddie Warner. The emotive song titles set the stage for a powerhouse album of blasting horns, tense strings and mad drumming. However, there is more than a bit of variation which comes in the form of lovely piano number "Angelo's Bar", the surprising synths of "Prohibited Sector" and the atmospheric "Shadowing". I wasn't sure what to make of this album at first but subsequent listens have increased my appreciation. You will find Eddie's work on a number of different library music compilations including "La Guepe Vol.2 which can be found here.


Track 1 - Music To Watch Girls By
Track 2 - Wink
Track 3 - The Disadvantages Of You
Track 4 - Not Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
Track 5 - Right Any Time Of The Day
Track 6 - Music To Think By
Track 7 - The Swinger
Track 8 - The Magnificent Seven
Track 9 - Cool Whip
Track 10 - The Golden Glow
Track 11 - Fried Bananas
Track 12 - Happiness Is

Not a collection of library music as such - this is a batch of Benny Golson tracks which went on to be used in commercials. There is lots of swinging 60's fun to be had with the likes of "Music To Watch Girls By", "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Golden Glow" all making an impact. Primarily a compilation of accessible jazz tunes, this album would have been improved by the inclusion of the advertisements that featured these songs. None the less it still proves to be an enjoyable and groovy listening experience.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Track 1 - Deserted Factory / Clive Hicks
Track 2 - Traffic Patterns / Brian Bennett
Track 3 - Emergence / Clive Hicks
Track 4 - Desolate Warehouse / Dave Richmond
Track 5 - Industrial Waste / Dave Richmond
Track 6 - Glass Tubes / Brian Bennett
Track 7 - Nitty Gritty / Dave Richmond
Track 8 - Bull's Blood / Duncan Lamont
Track 9 - Strange Moons, New Suns / Duncan Lamont
Track 10 - New Morning / Brian Bennett
Track 11 - Moon Over McAlpines / Steve Gray
Track 12 - Cogweb / Brian Bennett
Track 13 - Standing Idle / Steve Gray
Track 14 - Bulldozer / Steve Gray
Track 15 - Turbulence / Wally Asp
Track 16 - Cumulus / Wally Asp
Track 17 - Thermal / Wally Asp

Now this is a serious KPM! It contains a fascinating mix of dramatic themes that are just begging to be used on t.v cop shows mixed with a selection of soft and wistful tunes which manage to be a step above the usual easy listening fare. This combination of genres brings a unique and intriguing vibe to the album and it certainly demanded my attention for it's entirety. For those who like their beats nice and heavy you will be instantly drawn to the thumping "Bulldozer" and the bass heavy progression of "Nitty Gritty". However it is the more subtle and mysterious tracks that have the most impact within this compelling collection.


Track 1 - Fanfare For Tomorrow
Track 2 - Dream Machine
Track 3 - Concorde
Track 4 - Perfect Performance (1)
Track 5 - Perfect Performance (2)
Track 6 - Datalink
Track 7 - Electronic Kites
Track 8 - Forwarning
Track 9 - Buzby's Band
Track 10 - Superbrain
Track 11 - Mobile Unit
Track 12 - Star Games
Track 13 - Memories Of The Future
Track 14 - Computer Crime
Track 15 - Prototype
Track 16 - No Blade Of Grass
Track 17 - Take Control
Track 18 - Analogue Dialogue
Track 19 - Fission Chips
Track 20 - Time Warp

Released in 1980 by George Fenton and Ken Freeman, this is one of the more obscure KPM's. As the title suggests it is a collection of electronic themed songs but the surprise here is that there is a strong orchestral / soundtrack vibe running through the record.

Things really begin to heat up on the ominous "Forwarning", "Mobile Unit" is a great bit of robot disco funk and "Memories Of The Future" and "Computer Crime" are absolute killers. A few of the tracks feel a bit out of place but there is also a lot to like. It's difficult to comprehend what t.v, radio show or film would have required this kind of music for their production but 30 years later and in the context of a complete listening experience, it certainly has appeal.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Open Range
Track 2 - Carillon
Track 3 - Mount Panorama
Track 4 - Barbeque
Track 5 - Starman
Track 6 - Hot Day In Pimba
Track 7 - Mogul
Track 8 - Holy Roller
Track 9 - Parramatta 3 a.m
Track 10 - Gun Barrel Highway
Track 11 - Big Boots Barney
Track 12 - Eagle
Track 13 - Border Line
Track 14 - Amble

The first thing I noticed about this album were the track titles. To start with, Mount Panorama is the location of Australia's most famous motorsport race. Parramatta is a large town just outside of Sydney and Pimba is a tiny settlement on the edge of the desert in my home state of South Australia (unsurprisingly it gets very hot there). About the only building of consequence in Pimba is "Spud's Roadhouse" -

So what are these references doing on a De Wolfe album produced by Simon Park and the Soul City Orchestra in 1978? Well, the internet certainly didn't provide me with any answers so I guess it will remain a mystery for now.

As for the music there are plenty of synths, horns and strings featured along with the occasional funky breakbeat. It may not be your ideal roadtrip music but most of the tracks have a feeling of rolling progression. Highlights include "Mount Panorama", "Big Boots Barney" and the sweet groove of "Border Line".


Track 1 - Panier A Crabes
Track 2 - Regis Song
Track 3 - Funk No.3
Track 4 - Dindou No.1
Track 5 - 4eme Gauche
Track 6 - Magasins D'usines
Track 7 - Bossa For My Feet
Track 8 - Funk No.4
Track 9 - Beautiful Country
Track 10 - Gang Process
Track 11 - Papa Song
Track 12 - Funk No.2
Track 13 - Funk No.1
Track 14 - X
Track 15 - Stock No.1
Track 16 - Samba For D
Track 17 - For D
Track 18 - Dindou No.2
Track 19 - Boxing No.1
Track 20 - Ponctuations No.1
Track 21 - Ponctuations No.2
Track 22 - Ponctuations No.3
Track 23 - Ponctuations No.4
Track 24 - Ponctuations No.5
Track 25 - D d No.1
Track 26 - D d No.2
Track 27 - D d No.3
Track 28 - D d No.4
Track 29 - Ponctuations No.6
Track 30 - Ponctuations No.7
Track 31 - Ponctuations No.8
Track 32 - Ponctuations No.9

With many of these tracks clocking in under 2 minutes "Rythmes" proves to be a frenetic and challenging listen. A lot of the music could be loosely described as jazz funk but that only tells half the story. There are some blaxploitation-grade beats and bass ("Gang Progress", "Funk No.1") and some Brazilian influences appear aswell. The "Ponctuations" tracks are just various drum beats which are begging to be sampled by hip hop groups. This is pure production music, right down to the intros that announce which track is playing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Updated link - here

Track 1 - My Pussy Belongs To Daddy / Faye Richmonde
Track 2 - Sadie's Still Got The Rag On / Faye Richmonde
Track 3 - I Want A Man To Gimme Some Luck / Faye Richmonde
Track 4 - I Tried It Everywhere / Saul T. Peter
Track 5 - She Sits Among The Cabbages And Peas / Saul T. Peter
Track 6 - Don't Give Me No Goose For Christmas Santa / Saul T. Peter
Track 7 - He Forgot His Rubbers / Angelina
Track 8 - Hey Mister Ice Man! / Miss Dee
Track 9 - Things Are Soft For Grandpa / Miss Dee
Track 10 - Tony's Got His Nuts / Faye Richmonde

Your what belongs to who?!!! This is a collection of risque ditties from the late fifties, or at least they were risque back then. These days they just sound bizarre but you might find yourself blushing while listening to "Things Are Soft For Grandpa" or "He Forgot His Rubbers". This album often appears on internet lists of bizarre / worst ever cover art. I don't mind it so much!


Richard & Willie was devised by Richard Sanfield in 1967 when he saw a ventriloquist act perform at a nightclub. He went on to do shows at a number of venues including the Apollo Theatre in New York and even cut a record with Richard Pryor. This is a live album which was recorded in 1975. It's a bit hard to describe - sit down comedy maybe? Obviously it is considered to be one of the most bizarre pieces of cover art in the history of recorded music and has meant Richard & Willie's legacy will not be forgotten any time soon. There is no track list for this one, it's presented as a single set.


Howdy ho! Spent most of yesterday moving furniture around but my attention is now back where it should be - providing you with weird and wonderful listening experiences. I felt like posting some different stuff so I will upload the remaining Mo'Plen disks in a few days time. In the meantime I hope you enjoy today's clutch of insanity and bizarreness.

Thanks to everyone who has chosen to become a follower and to those who have left comments recently. It means a lot to me. I have made a few minor changes to the blog and as you may have noticed I am running a poll to find out what you would like to see more of here. Take the time to vote and have your say!

I have found some fantastic music on the net in the last couple of weeks so you can be assured there will be plenty for everyone to enjoy in 2011. Cheers and beers, Mr.Craig.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Track 1 - Kriminal / Roberto Pregadio
Track 2 - Una Vergine Da Rubare / Roberto Fogù
Track 3 - Mosaico / Orchestra Carlo Cordara
Track 4 - Piccolo Ma Beat / Giorgio Carnini
Track 5 - Ash feat. Edda / Mario Molino
Track 6 - Beat In Studio Uno feat. I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni / Bruno            
Track 7 - Eugenie / Bruno Nicolai
Track 8 - Il Cobra / Antón García Abril
Track 9 - Saraceno / Orchestra Carlo Cordara
Track 10 - Men And Clubs / Giancarlo Chiaramello
Track 11 - Mare Di Ghiaccio /  Orchestra Carlo Cordara
Track 12 - The Shark / Hugo Montenegro 
Track 13 - I Love You More Than You Do / Gianni Ferrio
Track 14 - Handicap / Orchestra Carlo Cordara
Track 15 - Shadow / Carlo Savina
Track 16 - Juliette / W.Conti
Track 17 - Studio X / Giuseppe De Luca
Track 18 - Equazione / Gianni Ferrio

"Ninfadelica" is the 6th episode of the Mo'Plen collection and centres around Italian soundtrack music from films released by Driller. A few familiar names pop up such as Carlo Cordara, Hugo Montenegro and Mario Molino. The music is much what you expect - lounge groove and funky jazz with the unique elements you would expect from Italian artists of the late 60's early 70's. Another excellent Mo'Plen groove fest. Once again, thanks to Rappamelo for this link.


Track 1 - Overture Da Promesse Promesse (Promises Promises) / Bruno Canfora
Track 2 - I Primi Minuti (I Say A Little Prayer) / Marita
Track 3 - Gocce Di Pioggia Su Di Me (Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head) / Renato E I Profeti
Track 4 - The Party / The Smart Set
Track 5 - Non Mi Pentirò (Walk On By) / Jenny Luna
Track 6 - Sola Nel Sole (I Wake Up Crying) / Jenny Luna
Track 7 - The Look Of Love / Santi Latora
Track 8 - Quando Tu Vorrai (What The World Needs Now Is Love) / Rita Monico
Track 9 - Non Mi Innamoro Piu (I’ll Never Fall In Love Again) / Johnny Dorelli & Catherine Spaak
Track 10 - Un Ragazzo Che Ti Ama (This Guy’s In Love With You) / Tony Renis
Track 11 - Quelli Che Hanno Un Cuore (Anyone Who Had A Heart) / Petula Clark
Track 12 - Non Dirmi Niente (Don’t Make Me Over) / Ornella Vanoni
Track 13 - Il Mondo Nei Tuoi Occhi (There’s Always Something There To Remind Me) / Gianni Morandi
Track 14 - L’ora Dell’addio (Knowing When To Leave) / Catherine Spaak
Track 15 - Non L’ascoltar (Don’t Talk To Him) / Gianni Jalenti
Track 16 - Magic Moments / Carla Boni & Gino Latilla

This is the final installment of the Mo'Plen series and it has an interesting concept - Burt Bacharach composed songs which are translated into Italian. It is a combination which seems so obvious in retrospect, to combine the sexy sounds of Burt with the sexy sounds of Italian rare groove and it works a treat. I am not as familiar with Bacharach as some people so this is my first exposure to most of these songs but there are others which are known the world over such as "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" and "What The World Needs Know Is Love". There is no need to be a fan to like this album - you just need to enjoy good music. Thanks to Rappamelo for the original link.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Track 1 - Donkey Kong Theme
Track 2 - No More Zoo For You
Track 3 - The Climber
Track 4 - On Top Of The World
Track 5 - Mario Delivers
Track 6 - Donkey Kong Theme (Reprise)

From the album: "Everyone in Gamesville turns out to welcome Donkey Kong to the circus. What a day for excitement!! However, things don't quite turn out as they are planned. Donkey Kong becomes homesick for his old home at the zoo. He breaks out of his cage! Will his old friend Mario be able to help? Will Donkey Kong run away? We'll find out when Donkey Kong Goes Home." This record is a lot of fun, from the weird plot to the silly songs and the even sillier voice of Mario. It's a real treat. You may also want to check out The King Of Kong soundtrack which you can find here.


Side A - The Amazing Adventures Of Pac-Man
Side B - The Amazing Adventures Of Pac-Man

Join Pac-Man as he battles the "goofy ghosts" that plague Pacville in this ultra rare album from 1980. The highlight for me is the cool electronic music which starts off the record aswell as the overall bizarreness of the concept. There is also a Pac-Man Christmas album which I will hopefully post in December.


Mickey Mouse - Castle Of Illusion

Track 1 - Intro
Track 2 - Entering The Castle
Track 3 - Forest
Track 4 - Rolling Apple
Track 5 - Spiders
Track 6 - Forest At Night
Track 7 - Boss
Track 8 - Diamond
Track 9 - Level Complete
Track 10 - Toyland
Track 11 - Running Down
Track 12 - Door Is Open
Track 13 - Toyland 2
Track 14 - Dark Forest
Track 15 - Deeper Into The Dark Forest
Track 16 - Library
Track 17 - River Of Milk
Track 18 - Dark Castle
Track 19 - Clock Tower
Track 20 - Rainbow Bridge
Track 21 - Fight With Mizrabel
Track 22 - Mizrabel Defeated
Track 23 - Credits
Track 24 - Dead
Track 25 - Continue Screen

Super Mario Kart

Track 1 - Better Luck Next Time
Track 2 - You Lose 2
Track 3 - Ghost
Track 4 - Bowser's Jingle
Track 5 - Chocolate Island
Track 6 - Bowser Castle
Track 7 - You Win!
Track 8 - Game Over
Track 9 - Toad's Jingle
Track 10 - Vanilla Lake
Track 11 - Rainbow Road
Track 12 - Ending
Track 13 - Mario Circuit
Track 14 - Menu
Track 15 - Donut Plains
Track 16 - Luigi's Jingle
Track 17 - Last Lap!
Track 18 - Koopa Beach
Track 19 - Koopa's Jingle
Track 20 - Battle Mode
Track 21 - Invincibility
Track 22 - Mario's Jingle
Track 23 - Begin Race
Track 24 - Super Mario Kart
Track 25 - Princess' Jingle
Track 26 - You Lose
Track 27 - Donkey's Jingle
Track 28 - Congratulations
Track 29 - Yoshi's Jingle

It's Sega vs Nintendo as the music of Mickey's Castle Of Illusion goes up against Super Mario Kart. These two games were mainstays in my household during the early 90's and Castle Of Illusion is one of the few games I have actually completed. The rising popularity of 8-bit music has put the soundtracks from these retro games into the spotlight and there is even new music being produced in this style. It is quite strange to listen to these tracks without actually playing the game, but it allows you to appreciate how important a good soundtrack is to the gaming experience. This is one for the fans only.