Sunday, January 23, 2011


Track 1 - Fallin' In Debt / Dero-Bert And The Half Truths
Track 2 - Chicken Lickin' / (Live) / The Fantastics
Track 3 - Go-Go Train / Big Joe Louis And The Soul Investigators
Track 4 - Put Some Grit In It (Part 1) / Karachi Prison Band
Track 5 - Izzy Come, Izzy Go / The Funk Revolution
Track 6 - One Man Song / The Qualitons
Track 7 - Soul Pop / Mauri Bailey
Track 8 - Hakusha / The Neopolitans
Track 9 - Stop The Madness / Tynnes Well & The Magic Fountains
Track 10 - Humpin' / The Unstoppable S.Robinson & Marvelaires
Track 11 - Brasil No.7 / Ben Martin Trio

You could put most of these tracks on a compilation of 1970's deep funk and I doubt anyone would notice because they are so true to the spirit of what made the music of that period brilliant. It's also a good sign for the crate diggers of the future to know this kind of stuff is floating around just waiting to be sampled and mashed. The production qualities maintain the 70's vibe with prominent drums, guitars and horns complimenting the organ and flute solos. There is a bit of an Afro influence to a couple of the tracks aswell as some very nice vocal numbers. In fact the only miss comes in the form of the final track "Brasil No.7" but even that has some pretty sweet drumming on it. Go get it!

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