Friday, January 14, 2011


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Track 1 - Pretexte Pour Indicatifs / Guy Pederson
Track 2 - Vertigo Leitmotiv / Bernard Estardy
Track 3 - Flutes Ad Libitum / Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson
Track 4 - Indian Pop Bass / Raymond Guiot & Guy Pederson
Track 5 - Les Copains De La Basse / Guy Pederson
Track 6 - Bass In Love / Guy Pederson
Track 7 - Primitive Spirit / Raymond Guiot
Track 8 - African King / Andre Arpino
Track 9 - Bass Session / Guy Pederson
Track 10 - Bass Dancing / Raymond Guiot
Track 11 - Emeute A Tokyo (Kitch Kat) / Bernard Estardy
Track 12 - Road Number 9 / Bernard Estardy
Track 13 - Riviera Express / Bernard Estardy
Track 14 - Bahia Bossa Nova / Bernard Lubat
Track 15 - Kermesse Non Heroique / Guy Pederson
Track 16 - Vertueuse Reveuse / Paul Piot

Exclusive Blend Volume 3 travels across the English Channel to explore the wonderful nuggets contained within the Telemusic library. This is certainly the most adventurous disk in the series, covering a vast amount of musical territory over the course of 16 tracks. There is the freaky flutes of "Flutes Ad Libitum", the subcontinental themed "Indian Pop Bass", the tribal beat of "African King" and the 13 minute freakout that is "Kermesse Non Heroique". As much as I love the first two releases in the series I would have to rate this album as being even better purely because of it's ability to be challenging while still being totally funky.

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Majus said...

Thanks for re-upping this! Telemusic is a library I'm not overly familiar with, and this seems likea a good place to start. Cheers