Thursday, January 27, 2011


Track 1 - Path To Ascension / Yves Hyatt
Track 2 - Slinky / John Murtaugh
Track 3 - Walk Up Moses / The Spencer Jackson Family
Track 4 - Gang Process / Pierre Duchamp
Track 5 - An Elephant Called Slowly / Howard Blake
Track 6 - Never Knew What Love Was / Christine Harwood
Track 7 - I Got Six / Multiplication Rock
Track 8 - Hot Dogs / Jacques Delon
Track 9 - Rocking Chair / Hightower
Track 10 - Product Efficiency / Johnny Pearson
Track 11 - Kriminal Theme / Maleditus Sound
Track 12 - Two Three Four / Novi Singers

This compilation has a very nice mix of library music and rare groove with the emphasis being on groovy beats. Highlights include "Gang Process" by Pierre Duchamp, "Hot Dogs" by Jacques Delon and "Product Efficiency" by Johnny Pearson. As the cover might suggest there is a bit of a sexy Eastern vibe to some of the tracks. The whole set is unpretentious and accessible, with the possible exception of the crazy "Kriminal Theme". I presume this album was the forerunner to "Beyond The Valley Of The Superbeats which you can download here. Please note - the original uploader got the titles for Tracks 8 and 9 mixed up.


Ty said...

WHOA!!!!! THANKS FF!!!!!!!

Mr. Craig said...

Glad you enjoyed it Ty!