Saturday, January 22, 2011


Track 1 - Music To Watch Girls By
Track 2 - Wink
Track 3 - The Disadvantages Of You
Track 4 - Not Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
Track 5 - Right Any Time Of The Day
Track 6 - Music To Think By
Track 7 - The Swinger
Track 8 - The Magnificent Seven
Track 9 - Cool Whip
Track 10 - The Golden Glow
Track 11 - Fried Bananas
Track 12 - Happiness Is

Not a collection of library music as such - this is a batch of Benny Golson tracks which went on to be used in commercials. There is lots of swinging 60's fun to be had with the likes of "Music To Watch Girls By", "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Golden Glow" all making an impact. Primarily a compilation of accessible jazz tunes, this album would have been improved by the inclusion of the advertisements that featured these songs. None the less it still proves to be an enjoyable and groovy listening experience.


Zepp said...

Music To Watch Girls By - Diet Pepsi ?
Wink - Canada Dry Wink Soda
Disadvantages Of You -- ??
Not Matter What Shape -- Alka Seltzer
Right Any Time Of The Day -- ??
Music To Think By -- ??
The Swinger -- Polaroid Swinger Camera
Magnificent Seven - Cigarettes??
Cool Whip - (Obviously)Cool whip
Track 10 - The Golden Glow -- ??
Track 11 - Fried Bananas -- ??
Track 12 - Happiness Is - Kent Cigarettes

I'm stuck on the others -- fun to hear the music again .. thanks!!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Zepp. I picked up a great compilation of advertising spots yesterday, will post it here soon.

DefChef said...

This looks fantastic....have you heard the 60s ad & aircheck comps posted on the late, great Chocoreve blog? Some of 'em are still up on's a link:

Mr. Craig said...

Wowee Zowee! That looks great, I'm downloading now. Thanks very much. I like Chocoreve's quote "Either be grateful for the music for free, regardless of bitrate, or go and buy the fucking album." I wish I had the balls to write that!

I've got a nice collection of U.S t.v spots which I shall post in coming weeks. Cheers.

iggy said...

Just when I thought I'd heard everything, you show up with more classics than I can shake a stick at. Thanks so much. I'll be baaaacck...