Monday, January 3, 2011


Track 1 - Aquarius
Track 2 - Oh Happy Day
Track 3 - Hey Jude
Track 4 - Both Sides Now
Track 5 - Grazin In The Grass
Track 6 - Feelin' Alright
Track 7 - Penny Lane
Track 8 - Atlantis
Track 9 - Rock Me
Track 10 - Windmills Of Your Mind

Don't expect to increase your I.Q listening to this one, it is pure fun and frivolity from the Electronic Concept Orchestra as they turn out moogatized cover songs from the likes of the Beatles. Probably the best songs on this album are "Grazin' In The Grass" and "Rock Me" (go  the cowbell!). Track 10, the downtempo "Windmills Of Your Mind" is also quite good. What Robert Moog made of all this I'm not quite sure. A bit like the atom bomb, the Moog was devised by a genius and used by others to threaten the existence of humanity itself. You've been warned!

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Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the most demented version of "Penny Lane" that I've ever heard. Thanks for the grooves!