Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Track 1 - Betelgueuze In The Sky
Track 2 - Moving Grooving
Track 3 - The Big Mameluk
Track 4 - Terefic War
Track 5 - Tchu Tchu Face
Track 6 - Bombe Hachee
Track 7 - Worry For Nothing
Track 8 - Devil's Train
Track 9 - Sex Girl
Track 10 - Tabla Minor
Track 11 - Don't Be Cool
Track 12 - Blue Circuit

This album was put out on the Montparnasse 2000 library music label in 1976 and it's a heady mix of funk, jazz and library music influences. Filled with esoteric moments, it is one of over 300 records released by Jacky in his lifetime and you can sense his skills and experience permeating these 12 tracks. It does remind me a little of "To-Days Sound" by Piero Umiliani in the sense that the instruments meld together in such an obvious and satisfying way. This is highly recommended.

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