Thursday, January 6, 2011


Track 1 - Artificial Intelligence
Track 2 - Machine Language
Track 3 - Advanced Micromusic
Track 4 - Silicon Valley
Track 5 - Juno 106 Software
Track 6 - Norton Institute
Track 7 - Norton Music Research
Track 8 - Oh Supermac
Track 9 - Bit Killed Hertz
Track 10 - JX-3P Software

There isn't a great deal of information about Doris on the internet but from what I understand she was born in Italy under the name Fiamma Dello Spirito and performed in a prog rock band named Jacula. At some point she moved to the U.S, changed her name and began experimenting with electronic music which led to her designing a program for IBM and being sponsored by Apple. She released a number of albums in the mid 80's including "Home Computer" and "Automatic Feeling".

The music on this particular album is somewhere between Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin in style. The beats she created were truly groundbreaking for the time and are reminiscent of hardcore techno from the mid 1990's but there are a number of other interesting facets to her work including the liberal use of vocal samples and hip hop infused stylings. Some of the tracks are truly avant garde and it all combines together to create a compelling listening experience that certainly makes me think back to the developing stages of home computing and the parallel rise in creativity surrounding the use of those machines to create music. For more detailed information on this album please visit Mutant Sounds at

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