Thursday, January 6, 2011


Track 1 - Break Your Back
Track 2 - Can I Change My Mind?
Track 3 - Funky Chicken (Pt.1)
Track 4 - Funky Chicken (Pt.2)
Track 5 - Sugar Sugar
Track 6 - Off Into A Black Thing
Track 7 - Is It Something You've Got?
Track 8 - Untitled Instrumental 1
Track 9 - Untitled Instrumental 2
Track 10 - Dance Master (Pt.1)
Track 11 - Dance Master (Pt.2)

Top shelf funk with more than a touch of soul. "Funky Chicken" doesn't take things too seriously, keeping the groove light and fun for the most part with the exception being the sensational "Off Into A Black Thing". Strings and horns add some depth to the sound but it never drifts too far into deep funk territory, instead at times flirting with pop and disco. A great album for summer, or to take your mind off the cold dark winter. The rip I have of this album isn't tagged properly so it appears as if tracks 2 and 3 are missing but fear not,  track 2 comes up as track 4 and track 3 as track 5 and so on. You dig?

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