Monday, January 10, 2011



Track 1 - Amame / Claudia Vita
Track 2 - Slinky / Murtaugh
Track 3 - Sitar / K.Doldinger
Track 4 - Cosmic Sea / Mystic Moods
Track 5 - Give It Up Turn It Loose / Dick Hyman
Track 6 - Here's Looking / Henry Mancini
Track 7 - Footprints / Johnny Harris
Track 8 - Imatations / Keef Harley
Track 9 - Dancing Drums / Ananda Shankar
Track 10 - Cocoa / Assaigai
Track 11 - I Lead A Life / Ben Sidran
Track 12 - Jelly / Gentle Rain
Track 13 - Soul Walk / Sugarloaf
Track 14 - Dr.No's Piano / Claudia Vita
Track 15 - Africa Symphony / Chaka

Another unusual collection of groovy nuggets from the Rare Funk series. I highly doubt that Henry Mancini, Dick Hyman and Ananda Shankar have ever featured on the same album before but they do here. Things start off a little slowly before the massive beat of "Sitar" kicks in, "Here's Looking" is a super sweet surprise and "Jelly" provides quality freaked out jazz. As with some of the other Rare Funk CD's the title of this collection is rather deceiving, if you are looking for an outstanding collection of psych funk then this misses the spot. However if you just want a collection of cool rare grooves with a variety of different styles and influences then this should satisfy.



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