Monday, January 17, 2011


Track 1 - Donkey Kong Theme
Track 2 - No More Zoo For You
Track 3 - The Climber
Track 4 - On Top Of The World
Track 5 - Mario Delivers
Track 6 - Donkey Kong Theme (Reprise)

From the album: "Everyone in Gamesville turns out to welcome Donkey Kong to the circus. What a day for excitement!! However, things don't quite turn out as they are planned. Donkey Kong becomes homesick for his old home at the zoo. He breaks out of his cage! Will his old friend Mario be able to help? Will Donkey Kong run away? We'll find out when Donkey Kong Goes Home." This record is a lot of fun, from the weird plot to the silly songs and the even sillier voice of Mario. It's a real treat. You may also want to check out The King Of Kong soundtrack which you can find here.


8traxrule said...

Thanks a ton for posting this- I was a huge Donkey Kong fan back in the day but somehow I never knew this existed. (I've got a Donkey Kong arcade game now!)

Mr. Craig said...

No worries, I hope you saw that I have also posted The King Of Kong soundtrack. I'll add a link to this post to make sure people know in the future.