Sunday, January 9, 2011


Track 1 - Open Space
Track 2 - Green Valley
Track 3 - Caretera Panamerica
Track 4 - Goodmorning Sun
Track 5 - To-Day's Sound
Track 6 - Free Dimension
Track 7 - Truck Driver
Track 8 - Blue Lagoon
Track 9 - Wanderer
Track 10 - Lady Magnolia
Track 11 - Pretty
Track 12 - Railroad
Track 13 - Country Town
Track 14 - Bus Stop
Track 15 - Cotton Road
Track 16 - Nocturne
Track 17 - Exploration
Track 18 - Tropical River
Track 19 - Coast To Coast
Track 20 - Safari Club
Track 21 - Music On The Road

When I first got interested in library music and rare groove this album was at the very top of my hit list, but unfortunately I was never able to find an import of it. Thankfully these days the internet allows all of us to bypass these little problems and access music that is out of print or hard to find.

I consider this album to be like a holy grail of funkiness, everything you could want is here - crazy drumming, slick guitars, prominent organ and synth combined with occasional James Brown strength horn work. It is all brought together through the genius of Umiliani who exhibits the uncanny ability to create musical moods that transcend all barriers. I would describe the sound as being like a classic 1970's Italian movie soundtrack but with a slightly more focused and funky core which gives it the feel of a long lost KPM album.

There are too many highlights to mention here (21 to be exact). Suffice to say this is an absolute must have album that will rock your funky world. If you are interested in hearing more of Piero's music check out "Musica Elletronica Vol.2" in the Electronic section of my blog and also stay tuned for more to come at Funky Frolic!


Swank Daddy said...

Cool stuff - can't get enough Umiliani or Piero Piccioni. Thanks for the share!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!