Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Mandingo
Track 2 - Black Rite
Track 3 - Medicine Man
Track 4 - Jungle Wedding
Track 5 - Chant Of The Virgins
Track 6 - Sacrifice
Track 7 - Tiger In The Night
Track 8 - Black Fire
Track 9 - Moon Goddess
Track 10 - Pagan Ritual

Afro funkiness? Check. Library music grooves? Check. Electronic weirdness? Why not. Sonic overload? You better believe it!!! Apparently this record was used in the 70's to showcase the latest in hi fi equipment and it's easy to hear why with it's plethora of boombastic percussion and eyebrow raising synths. Many of you will be familiar with Mandingo from the tracks "Black Rite" and "Snake Pit" which appear on the "Sound Gallery Vol.1" compilation and the good news is that the same kind of intensity and dedication to freaky. headstrong grooves continue through the whole album. It's a celebration of good music and you're all invited!


Mike said...

Something a little different from the norm is alright with me. BTW, it's just an idea but have you ever thought of putting together a compilation of library/funk music? I'm sure you could make a wicked comp!

Mr. Craig said...

Well, I do have my Frolic Beats series...Were you suggesting I produce something a little more thematic? Or something I could actually market? You might need to clarify that for me.

I have gigs and gigs of funk but have been shy about making comps with it (here at least) because the reaction to many of the albums I've posted in that genre has been underwhelming. Certainly looking at putting up more mixes here, I knocked off a Sesame Street one the other day and I'm just waiting for the next Legends Of Library to come out before I put it up.

Holly said...

Awesomeness - thank you.
And i *love* funk :-)

Mike said...

Mr. Craig, I'm talking about just doing your own comp for this blog, but if what you say is true then I guess there wouldn't be much of a point.

the saucer people said...

Killer post! Serious seventies afro-funk alert! The two tracks that really did it for me are the title track and Tiger In The Night, just shockingly good.

A Splendid Post!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks SP. I didn't give this a good enough listen when I first downloaded it, but when I was doing the review it was like WHOA! It's the business alright.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask for a repost?