Saturday, January 1, 2011


Track 1 - It's Your Thing / Dennis Coffey & Lyman Woodwa
Track 2 - Shimmy / Tousaint McCall
Track 3 - Trouble Maker / John Cameron Quartet
Track 4 - Jungle Fantasy / Sam Most
Track 5 - Hippy Skippy Moon Strut / Moon People
Track 6 - 98 Percent Plus Tax / Detroit City Limits
Track 7 - Chili Music / Preston Love
Track 8 - For The Love Of Money / Elliot Fisher
Track 9 - Why Did You Do It? / Stretch
Track 10 - Jimmy Bean / Ellen McLlwaine
Track 11 - Do Whatever Sets You Free / Gus Giordano
Track 12 - Back To Funk / Robert Lowe
Track 13 - Make It Reggae / Dynamics

There has been more than one compilation series entitled Rare Funk over the years and this one concentrates on a particular sub genre of funk with each volume. Presented for you is Volume 6 which, in theory, is based on mod style funk. However the tracks collected here are really quite diverse and only have one thing in common - they are all funking awesome! Included within is the best version of "It's Your Thing" I have ever heard, the relentless "Jungle Fantasy" and the much loved "Hippy Skippy Moon Strut" which seems to appear under the title of "Hippy Skippy Moon Stomp" on this disk, but I'm sure it is "Strut" (that's what they sing on the track at least). There is also some confusion over whether the title of  Track 8 is "Chili Music" or "Chili Mac", I have seen it listed as both so I'm not sure either way. Anyone have the answer for me?

Most of the cuts are instrumental but there are two vocal songs in the form of the very cool "Why Did You Do It?" and "Jimmy Bean". I have some more of the Rare Funk series in my collection and will put them up sometime in the future.

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Dr S. L. Baltimore said...

Hey Man, this is Ty from righteous empire, very cool site! Ive added a link to your blog on mine. If you get a chance, i have an album on there called "heavy deep funk" which has 55 killer underground tunes on it, and i think it would be right up your alley!
Anyways cheers!