Saturday, January 8, 2011


Track 1 - Flo / Red Holt
Track 2 - 3 Is The Magic Number / Bob Dorough
Track 3 - Magic Mountain / Eric Burdon
Track 4 - Mighty Mighty / Jesse Anderson
Track 5 - Hard To Handle / Patti Jo
Track 6 - Jungle Fever / Sheeba
Track 7 - Get On The Good Foot / Soul Brothers
Track 8 - Hot Pants Road / Constellations
Track 9 - Funky Highlife / C.K Mann
Track 10 - Shalode / Inganda Kenya
Track 11 - Star Trek / Vulcans
Track 12 - Give It Up & Turn It Loose / Phil Catherine
Track 13 - Rien Ne Va Plus / Funk Factory
Track 14 - 33 1/3 God / Dust Brothers
Track 15 - And What You Give / Dust Brothers
Track 16 - Let There Be Skin / Cozy Powell

Despite the title you will not find any junk on this excellent compilation of funky rare grooves. Having said that, the very first track is a bit of a letdown but from there we are treated to the De La Soul sampled "3 Is The Magic Number" and "Magic Mountain". The first half of the album concentrates on quality American funk. but then things get a little disjointed, starting with the some great African funk that leads into the out of place "Star Trek", a James Brown cover follows, then two tracks from the Dust Brothers of all people. It concludes with the stomping drum breaks of  "Let There Be Skin". Even with the lack of a solid concept there is more than enough here to keep you grooving.

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