Sunday, January 2, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - At Festival Hall
Track 2 - The Girl With The Red Hair
Track 3 - Seven Days Later
Track 4 - Onyx
Track 5 - Neptune's Walk
Track 6 - Skippin' Around
Track 7 - Smartly
Track 8 - La Avispa
Track 9 - Young People
Track 10 - Fun Fair
Track 11 - Who's On Stage
Track 12 - Soul Surfing

An excellent collection of library music from 1974 released on the Brillant Musik / Colorit label. I'm not positive where the Rainbow Orchestra originated from but they combine together a lot of the best elements from French, British, German and Italian library music to create a kind of cinematic jazz-groove bliss. The album is playful without being kitsch and thoughtful without being overwrought. A super listen from start to finish.


retronic said...

Thanks for all these New Year treats. I appreciate what you're doing.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Mr.Retronic, I'm hanging out to see what you have in store for the coming year. Peace.

Mark said...

Hi there!

An amazing record! Thank you so much!

Mark [Easy Listening World]

Mr. Craig said...

No worries Mark, it's good to be part of your blog crew. Already had a few people wander over from your site. I'm sure the reverse will happen too. Keep it easy.

THXjay said...

Hey Mr. Craig!

It's a good job you dropped by my place or I'd never have known about ya :)

It's amazing that there are still great new music blogs to discover. You have one mighty fine collection of easy/library grooviness here. I intend to have a good mooch through your archives and pick up some goodies :)

All the best!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks THXjay, I'm surprised this album has been such a magnet for people, it's funny sometimes what perks the attention. Thankyou for your support. Keep in mind that I've only been up and running since mid November...I have plenty of groove in the bank and I plan to deposit it here at a steady rate!!!

Vinyl Room said...

This album is superb, I hope you don't mind me adding you to my blog list.

Actually if I were to be critical at all, it would be that the album is only in 128 bitrate, it actually deserves much higher like 320.

Never the less it sounds fab and I want to thank you very much for sharing it.

Best Wishes and a Happy New Year.


Mr. Craig said...

Hey Mr.Vinyl, thanks for the comments. No, I don't mind being on your bloglist! It was a real uphill battle at first to get people to link to me so it's much appreciated. As for the bitrate, I agree with you. It doesn't worry me so much cause I have a crappy stereo and sometimes a smaller download size is more appealing to people like me. Hope to see you back soon!

Martooni said...

Very nice. Thanks you!

mermelito said...

great album, thanx for share

Mr. Craig said...

My pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Funky Frolic:

I am constantly amazed about YOUR fine taste
in LOUNGE MUSIC. YOU become more and more an
important source to turn to.

Please keep up YOUR GOOD WORK !!!

Mr. Craig said...

Thank you, I shall do my best to impress.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this posting - most awesome

Anonymous said...

[Colorit] - 048 41076 - The Rainbow Orchestra - Wonderland Of Sound (1974).rar 33.31 MB

Anonymous said...

Is there anither link for this anywhere?