Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Track 1 - Open Range
Track 2 - Carillon
Track 3 - Mount Panorama
Track 4 - Barbeque
Track 5 - Starman
Track 6 - Hot Day In Pimba
Track 7 - Mogul
Track 8 - Holy Roller
Track 9 - Parramatta 3 a.m
Track 10 - Gun Barrel Highway
Track 11 - Big Boots Barney
Track 12 - Eagle
Track 13 - Border Line
Track 14 - Amble

The first thing I noticed about this album were the track titles. To start with, Mount Panorama is the location of Australia's most famous motorsport race. Parramatta is a large town just outside of Sydney and Pimba is a tiny settlement on the edge of the desert in my home state of South Australia (unsurprisingly it gets very hot there). About the only building of consequence in Pimba is "Spud's Roadhouse" -

So what are these references doing on a De Wolfe album produced by Simon Park and the Soul City Orchestra in 1978? Well, the internet certainly didn't provide me with any answers so I guess it will remain a mystery for now.

As for the music there are plenty of synths, horns and strings featured along with the occasional funky breakbeat. It may not be your ideal roadtrip music but most of the tracks have a feeling of rolling progression. Highlights include "Mount Panorama", "Big Boots Barney" and the sweet groove of "Border Line".

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