Saturday, January 8, 2011


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Track 1 - Sidetrack
Track 2 - Boogie Juice
Track 3 - Aim High
Track 4 - Sports Day
Track 5 - Ergon
Track 6 - In Motion
Track 7 - Prelude And Groove
Track 8 - Metropolis Suite
Track 9 - Reflections On A Misty Morning
Track 10 - Sunset
Track 11 - Honey Days
Track 12 - Glass Tubes
Track 13 - Cogweb
Track 14 - Traffic Patterns
Track 15 - Speed And Efficency
Track 16 - It's A Crazy World
Track 17 - Grand Funk
Track 18 -  Keep Truckin'
Track 19 - Rocking Horse

An absolutely outstanding selection of music composed by KPM regular Brian Bennett. Some of the tracks fall into the genre of orchestral funk while others are more subtle jazz tunes. Key pieces include the well known "Boogie Juice" and "Ergon" and the grand funk of "It's A Crazy World" and, um "Grand Funk". If you would like to buy this album you will find it at Amazon U.S for $81.50 or at Amazon U.K for a truly astounding 108.95 Pounds (or a used copy for 1 penny less!). If you want to know more about Brian there is an informative bio at Last.FM -

January 10 Update - I have found a better link care of the trusty Offline Vintage Library Emporium and you can access it above. I've tested the rip and it includes the previously missing tracks and the artwork. I am very sorry to those who downloaded using the previous link.


spacedBoogie said...

Wow, this is top stuff. Mind you, having heard some Brian Bennett, I was kind of expecting that. Thanks for uploading:-)

Brian said...

Thanks a lot man!
Been wanting to get this one for a long time!

This site is a jackpot for groovy tunes!

I was born in the wrong era...peace!