Friday, November 19, 2010


Track 1 - Back On The Track
Track 2 - Chris Cross
Track 3 - Miss Poopie
Track 4 - The Bird Wave
Track 5 - Spear For Moondog, Part 1
Track 6 - Spear For Moondog, Part 2
Track 7 - Tight Times
Track 8 - Spinning Wheel
Track 9 - Funky Junk

One of my fav albums (and covers!) of all time, this is legendary organ player Jimmy McGriff carving it up in 1969. The production on this tight batch of groovers is top notch, especially the heavy heavy bass sound. Joining Jimmy is Horace Ott on electric piano but sadly the other musicians are listed as "unknown". Whoever they are, they know how to funk it up. "Chris Cross", "The Bird Wave" and "Spinning Wheel" are the key tracks but the whole set is solid. This release is part of the Blue Note Rare Groove series.


dukester said...

great stuff indeed, thanks for the post.
but according to my version, Jimmy's co-musicians are not unknown, they include two giants of jazz - Stanley Turrentine on tenor saxophone and a favorite of mine, the great trumpet player Blue Mitchell.

Mr. Craig said...

Hmmm, interesting. My CD released by Blue Note in 1997 certainly says the other musicians are unknown. Do you have a subsequent release? Can you provide any further details?