Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Track 1 - Peacemaker / Rosko
Track 2 - Watch Out For The System / Yared Orchestra
Track 3 - Skinny Dip / New Visions
Track 4 - Comin' Home / The Peedlers
Track 5 - Cool Steel / The Firebirds
Track 6 - Etude In The Form Of Rhythm & Blues / Paul Mauriat
Track 7 - If Only / Custav Brown
Track 8 - La Tete Qui Bout / Godchild
Track 9 - Serenna E Lomunno / Riz Ortolani
Track 10 - Dark Orchid / Jaymes Marques
Track 11 - Ketja Rock / Eberhard Schoener
Track 12 - Free Stop / Orchestre Tany Turens

The final episode of the La Guepe series begins with the insane "Peacemaker" and the quality continues from there with the slinky and sexy "Skinny Dip", the fantastic vocals of "Comin' Home", and the pop groove of "La Tete Qui Bout". In fact there is only song one that isn't top shelf in my opinion, I don't care for Track 11 "Ketja Rock". For me this album is pure rare groove, I haven't heard of any of the artists outside of this compilation but they all provide classic material which has stood the test of time. Funky, jazzy, brilliant!

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