Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Track 1 - Ye Ye Smell / Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker
Track 2 - Tenga / Olatunji
Track 3 - Who Is Going To Take The Weight? / Candidio
Track 4 - Big Chief / Prof. Longhair
Track 5 - Black Rite / Mandigo
Track 6 - The Cat / Calvin Owens
Track 7 - Inner City Blues / Sarah Vaughan
Track 8 - Ajo / P.King
Track 9 - Don't Tell It / James Brown
Track 10 - Give Ne Some Mo / The Mohawks
Track 11 - Funky Like A Train / The Equal
Track 12 - Mellow Funk / Floyd Morris

Possibly the best of the Rare Funk series, Afro Funk has a bunch of noteworthy tracks starting with a great number by Fela Kuti; Candido drops a funk bomb with "Who Is Going To Take The Weight?", "Big Chief" has been sampled by Lily Allen and there are also excellent songs by Calvin Owens and Mr.J.B himself. I'm not sure what the Mohawks are doing on this record (was Alan Hawkshaw secretly black?) but they provide a nice organ and horn groove aswell. Although this collection has been superseded by a number of great African funk compilations in the years since it's release, it still has much to offer.

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