Friday, January 7, 2011


Track 1 - Deshominisation II
Track 2 - Deshominisation I
Track 3 - Generique
Track 4 - Le Bracelet
Track 5 - Ten et Tiwa
Track 6 - Maquillage De Tiwa
Track 7 - Course De Ten
Track 8 - Ten et Medor
Track 9 - Ten et Tiwa
Track 10 - Ten et Assome
Track 11 - Abite
Track 12 - Conseil De Drags
Track 13 - Les Hommes – La Grande Co-existance
Track 14 - La Femme
Track 15 - Mira et Ten
Track 16 - Mort De Drag
Track 17 - L’oiseau
Track 18 - La Cite Des Hommes Libres
Track 19 - Attaque Des Robots
Track 20 - La Longue Marche – Valse Des Statues
Track 21 - Les Fusees
Track 22 - Generique
Track 23 - Strip Tease
Track 24 - Mediation des Enfants
Track 25 - La Vielle Meurt

So much has been written about this excellent soundtrack on the internet that I really don't know what to add. It is a collection of music gathered from a 1973 animated film released in France and the title translates to "The Wild Planet" in English but it is widely known as "Fantastic Planet". The score is said to have inspired Air's soundtrack to "The Virgin Suicides" and it has some of the same qualities, combining cool grooves mixed with menacing undertones. The only way to describe the sound would be "unique". Most of the tracks barely scrap in at 2 minutes so the themes that are explored are done so in a very focused manner making for an intriguing and endearing listen.


Anonymous said...

Nice groove!Many thanks!!

HannibalCat said...

My long suffering dad took me to see this at the local flea pit when the film was released. After sitting through an interminable feature on surfing with endless music by Pink Floyd, Fantastic Planet blew my mind. Thanks for the chance to relive it.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Hannibal, I had a good chuckle over your comment.