Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Track 1 - The Boston Wrangler / Michel Legrand
Track 2 - Gost / Schifters
Track 3 - Love Like This / Human Egg
Track 4 - Rock Band-Azeta / Lafayette Afro
Track 5 - Girl U Move Me / Cane & Able
Track 6 - Chorus For Leslie / Janko Nilovic
Track 7 - La Rue / Cortex
Track 8 - La Ville En Beton / Edition Speciale
Track 9 - Joris Of Lumina / Ccpp
Track 10 - Grand Theme Malko / Michel Magne
Track 11 - Les La-Bas / Henri Texier

This album has an interesting range of music which will both delight and confound the discerning listener. Beginning with the wonderful "The Boston Wrangler", the funkiness continues with jazz disco ("Love Like This"), heady funk ("Rock Band-Azeta") and smooth singing ("La Ville En Beton"). A few of the tracks are almost barely-there before the quietness is broken by great sax or organ solos. My favourite piece would have to be the ominous, mysterious "Grand Theme Malko". Volume 1 sets up a solid base for the following releases to build on.

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