Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Track 1 - Centipede / Dialogue
Track 2 - Player / Craig Richey
Track 3 - In The Hall Of The Mountain King / Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra
Track 4 - Addiction / Dialogue
Track 5 - Obsession / Animotion
Track 6 - DK101 / Craig Richey
Track 7 - Tron / Dialogue
Track 8 - Gummy Substance / Clay Tweel
Track 9 - All Round Hot Sauce / Dialogue
Track 10 - Tijuana Tarantella / Ian Lynn And Alison Taylor
Track 11 - Video Game Wizard / John Farley
Track 12 - Nibbler / Dialogue
Track 13 - 200 Videotapes
Track 14 - Transcendentalatation / Craig Richey
Track 15 - Three Lies / Walter Day
Track 16 - Are You Ready / Steve Wiebe
Track 17 - Chance At A Kill Screen / Dialogue
Track 18 - You're The Best / Joe Esposito
Track 19 - Drum Solo, Dialogue / Steve Wiebe
Track 20 - Pictures Of You / The Cure
Track 21 - Just Show Up / Craig Richey
Track 22 - Mr.Awesome / Craig Richey
Track 23 - Chumpatize / Dialogue
Track 24 - Eye Of The Tiger / Survivor
Track 25 - Saved / Steve Wiebe
Track 26 - Ride Of The Valkyries / Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Track 27 - Long Drive Emotional / Craig Richey
Track 28 - Abortion Issue / Dialogue
Track 29 - Lucky Winner / Craig Richey

Awesome soundtrack to the equally awesome documentary "The King Of Kong". The film revolves around an attempt to create a world record score on the Donkey Kong arcade game that pits "good guy" Steve Wiebe against reigning champion and hot sauce entrepreneur Billy Mitchell. We witness the attempts by Wiebe to entice Mitchell into a one on one showdown to prove once and for all who is the master of the Donkey Kong universe, resulting in both tragic and comic consequences. Added to the mix is self appointed and rather eccentric arcade game "referee" Walter Day who has the ultimate decision on who's record will stand. A fantastic and fun journey into 80's arcade gaming ensues...

The soundtrack has some classic moments in the form of "Eye Of The Tiger" and "You're The Best" (which is lifted from the Karate Kid movie). Also included are great tracks from The Cure and Animotion as well as some original compositions by Wiebe and Day. Interspersed between the tracks are funny bits of dialogue from the film which proves to be the icing on this retro gaming cake. The download I have seems to contain quite a different track listing to others I have seen on the web and doesn't include the Leonard Cohen song "Everybody Knows". Don't let that put you off though, it's a super listen!

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