Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ah, the highs and lows of blogging. I woke up this morning to find that a record breaking number of people had visited Funky Frolic in the past 24 hours. I then checked my emails and found 6 messages from Mediafire telling me files had been removed from my account. Tried to access my account and sure enough it has been suspended. So folks, that means I have just lost about half of the links at my blog.

I don't know what to do. Reuploading all that data on another service will take months, I can probably find alternative links for some of the affected posts but with Megaupload gone, Mediafire being a bitch and Rapidshare on a go slow policy the chances of finding suitable replacements for everything is very small.

On the plus side I have barely used my Mediafire account to upload anything in the last 6 months so all my recent posts should still have active downloads. Unfortunately my archives have taken a massive hit and now I can expect many, many messages from people demanding I reupload things immediately. It's going to suck.

I will need a few days to consider my options. If anyone has offers of assistance or words of support they would be greatly appreciated.

I will keep you up to date on developments, Funky Frolic out.


Muff Diver said...

The Horror...the horror...

Mr. Craig, for what it's worth...

You have an excellent blog. Yours was the first 'Library' site I found, and that was accidental. I fell in love with Library music because of this site.

My first weekend with Funky Frolic was like I was 19 years old all over again - pulling all nighters with your favorite girl, and going full steam during the next day followed by more of the same at night. A seemingly endless cycle of pleasure! Yeah, FF had that kind of effect on me.

I felt like an addict who was accidentally locked into a pharmaceutical company's warehouse when everybody split for the weekend. Wheeeee!

All that to say this: yes, it will take months (potentially) to reupload those lost links.

And you probably will reupload them at some point. But take your time. Life only happens one day at a time, after all.

You can also take heart that all of the blog sites are under a microscope and under fire. Looking at things this way reminds us that everybody's sites are suffering, that you're not being singled out personally.

I have no idea how you do what you do, maintaining this site, or how you manage your time here and still have time for living. However, if there's anything I could do to help relieve your burden, tell me what to do and how you want it done and I'd be happy to help.

With all the music I've sampled from this site, I'd be a hypocrite not to extend a hand.

The links are lost but I assume you have hard copies of your music, no? Or perhaps a backup or 2 external HD? So this is a frustrating thing, but not the end by a longshot.

I share your pain, but I hope I can pass along some optimism. If FF turned off the lights I'd be devastated. After losing some of these other prime blog sites in the past months, well, it's a damned shame is all.

I believe that what comes around goes around. Hard times now, better times ahead. So please, take a few days to think, rest, and consider your options.

Don't forget my offer of help. If it's within my power to do, I'll do it. Happily.

Your friend,

The MuffDiver

Holly said...

Sigh. Hugs. Pisser. Really, really sorry. :-(

I feel like a broken record here: from a downloader's perspective Minus & Hulkshare are great, also Mirrorcreator. Any service that starts with "file" sucks, as does depositfiles. Some people have been having good luck with divshare. What's old is new...

Personally I'm still using Mediafire, but am not uploading anything to my account 'til mf calms down!

When you decide on a strategy I can certainly help reup.

Meaningless file names & symbol-driven links in comments &/or via free text seem to help a LOT. Also opting out of google search.

See savagesaints for ideas, also phrock.


Carol said...

I second everything that MuffDiver so eloquently said.

Brian said...

I've grabbed some fab stuff off of your site mate. I am sorry to hear the bad news.

I really appreciate you going to lengths to put all of this up for us, as this classic music is difficult to find!

Hope all goes well in the long run!


sper said...

These are really bad News!
Your blog is great and i was waiting for new discoveries every week.
I'm sure that you'll find a solution and thank you for everything.

bugel said...

oron, edoc, freakshare, jumbofiles

theres still tones of hosters out there
try to switch to anything across the ural

Anonymous said...

sure it's up to you what i will do after that... it's a shame what mediafire has done to you!! Suckers!!! and sure it must be very frustrated when someone just delete your work... i could understand when it's over new... BUT i hope that you will fight for your right and keep on with your amazing blog!
Anyway... i would like to thank you bro!! You give me so much inspiration and show me some new ways in this amazing sound-landscape... i just want to thank you for your amazing work and your effort in that what you have done... you're a modern hero! all the best, chris

Anonymous said...

One you could use for individual tracks would be Another blog I frequent uses it and it works well.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope you don't give up and let the suckers win. Your blog is superb and long may it live. They will never kill good music, as much as they try. If they cared that must about your posts, why don't they get off their arses and release this material comercially then so we can buy it ? but they don't, so your blog is a treat to us because we hear music we would otherwise never hear. Hope you carry on - it will be a huge shame to lose you. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Great Frolic Friend ! Thank you for all the good music you have made available to all of the people who came to FF. Hello and thank you very much from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

hey, i can only offer support in words. wish i had the know how to offer more. this is a really cool blog. i think that it would be understandable if you won't be able to reconstruct all the back catalouge. i can only offer that perhaps previous gems be available upon request. that in order to save you endless work.
whatever you choose should be respected,
thanks for your great time and taste.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong dude. Love your blog.

Oracle said...

Go private. This won't happen if you do. My life is much easier since going under the radar so to speak. Invite your friends and forgot about the trolls and lurkers.

Anonymous said...

I've got more than 70% of this blog content. what albums you need to find - i can help if you will

Anonymous said...

you might consider's been pretty solid.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Craig, I am very sorry you have to deal with all this garbage. Please know that I have appreciated everything that you are sharing and have shared. Your have a majestically wonderful blog. I hope something with little stress gets figured out for you. Your fan!

The End of History said...

I just have to say that I'm a HUGE fan of your blog and the work you do is wonderful and very valuable.
I think of the time that I had a fire at my business and it seemed like I could never recover but with a lot of hard work and help from friends and staff I survived.
What you have created is worth saving even if you just reupload one file every now and again.
Thanks so much for all the music!

nidostar said...

I enjoy visiting your site. I find it educational as it has information about areas of music of which I am less knowledgeable. But I don't see it as a cheap way of increasing one's music collection. Your recent post on Raymond Scott inspired me to find out more about the man and his music. As a result I legally downloaded four albums from Amazon of the man's music!
Sorry that your links have been deleted. I fear this is the thin end of the wedge as we see file sharing sites under increasing pressure to stop the release of copyrighted material. But I'm sure an alternative solution will present itself in time. In the world of the interweb it always does.

Steve Katz said...


Really sorry to hear this. I've spent many hours enjoying the music you've posted. If there is any way I can help, please let me know.

Mr. Banstead said...

Just like the others who have commented here,I 've also discovered lots of great music at your blog.I'd like to recommend the site 4Shared for uploading files.To download multiple times you have to sign up,but it's free.Besides this hassle,it's pretty easy to use.The downloads are fast and there are no pop-ups.Give them a try.
I hope your site can overcome this setback.
Best wishes!

DonHo57 said...

What Oracle said. Private is the way to go.

And to chime in with the others, your site has been a joy since I first discovered it. But don't feel pressured by those who you say 'demand' reuploading...this is your baby, your blood sweat and tears are its life, not theirs. Most of us are thrilled at what you provide, and would never make a demand upon you or your time and resources. Take your time, and do what is right for YOU.

Erica said...

I am so sorry this happened to you, FF. Then again, when I tried to download a spare copy of Synthesisers and Percussions, it wasn't there. I was pissed. Ah well. I'm still a fan of your blog. You will get through this problem. I promise.

Tex said...

Like what Oracle and DonHo57 said, going private and being stealthy should prevent the bastards from causing you so much hassle.

Whatever your decision, you know your fans out here are with you all the way, Mr.C!

(who has learned more about interesting music from this blog than from any book)

aceha1 said...

Oh man, that SUCKS!! I have enjoyed your blog immensely and I, for one, will not be hassling you about reups! I am extremely grateful for all you have done for us..

[(Sub)] said...

Very bad news Mr Craig!
I'm so sorry and i'm afraid...
But FF is not actually dead!!!
Be strong and don't stop

Anonymous said...

I have heard that if you don't report you got suspended to their customer service, the files will be eventually restored after few days...I came across with this info when I did a bit of research on suspended account at mf.

I'm not too sure if that method really works bcs I haven't got an account on mf or any other file hosting services but I thought it might worth mentioning just in case.

As many people have already said, whatever decisions you make I will respect that bcs I'm also a big fan of this blog and I wish you the best man, what you have been sharing with this blog are the pleasures of humanity and I have to say a big, big thank you...Don't let the suckers win!

Easywind said...

Funky Frolic is a great site! Please don`t let it die because of bad-file-hoster-politics! We need a site like Yours - please go on sharing!

radioman01 said...

LoungeLegends has started using sharebeast. It is quick and you can download more than one at a time. hope this helps.

Veda said...

I'm devastated...cant even begin to imagine how you must feel. I dont know what's your next step but i support you no matter what.
Oh man , i just remembered the first time i came here and it brought a smile to my face. Like a kid in a candy store. Thank you very very much.
Please dont give up my brother , i hope you will find a solution of some kind.
At the end FUCK acta motherfuckers for starting all this fuckin ruckus.
One love from sunny Balkans

Anonymous said...

Don't be disheartened Mr Craig.
Your truly first class blog will survive.

Whatever has passed can't be altered.

Look to the future and just keep doing your thing, because there are thousands of us who REALLY appreciate your hard work.

Your style and taste are impeccable. Thank you very much for making this obscure music available.

Anonymous said...

Man, whatever you do, keep the funk on. Keep uploading the good stuff. And as a suggestion, go russian. Upload to a russian server, as letitbit. They are slow as hell, but ain't no bitches.

PS You are my homepage.

The End of History said...

CBlack said...

Crapola. I hate to see this happen to one of the last great holdouts amid the assault on the music blogs. Whatever happens, a big thank you for all of the great shares you've brought our way.

Kevin said...

As a fellow blogger, I can tell you that I understand what you are goign through. When Megaupload folded, I lost many of my files. Recently, Mediafire took down a single track from Caetano Veloso claiming that they had complaints about this track being posted on my blog. I had to think seriously about what direction I would take my blog, and had even considered going private myself. After many kind words of encouragement from readers, I have decided to do the following:

1) Continue with Mediafire for now
2) Place all links for downloads in comments and password protect all links
3) Don't put title of artist or album in the file name. Name it something like this-
4) Do re-ups only by request and focus on new posts

Generally, I can tell you that I have been a long-time admirer of this blog, and have dowloaded quite a few library gems from here over the past couple years. I know that it is hard to fly under the radar of the RIAA, but believe in yourself and know that what you do here is greatly appreciated.

Best, Kevin


DvsMiddlefingaz said...

the blog is great. It sucks, but I guess us downloaders got to live with the fact thats whats lost is lost and we should look forward to new post.

liderr said...

You have a fine blog here. If it hasn't been mentioned yet, you might want to try either Crocko or Zippyshare as hosts. Speeds on Crocko aren't terrific, but not too bad. For now, Zippyshare is as fast as Mediafire. Rapidshare currently sucks so bad, I feel like I'm back on dial-up. Hope this helps. Thanks for your efforts.

Calamity Annie said...

Eaurgh! I am wicked sorry that this is happening to you. There is so SO much work you've done for FF, and to've done it for so long - and so well - I'm sure it feels like a kick in th' teeth.
I'm afraid I can't offer any useful help, but fer shure y'know I'll still be reading and loving me some Frolic for as long as you're willing to keep going with it. Hell, I love what y'do so much, I'd keep coming back for text alone, just to keep learning about all th' wonderful things you've unearthed and taught me! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

first of all thx for the great blog , it is really my main source for listening to my favorite music

i just wanted to tell u that MediaFire links r working fine i even checked many links and they r working

wish u the best and thank u again

Anonymous said...

almost all of these links were taken from other blogs anyway, trust me. just do a google search

Anonymous said...

Just scoured your archives and found some fantastic stuff. Nearly every Mediafire link is invalid.

I can't list all the stuff I'd like you to re-up, so suffice it to say I'll just check in now and then to see -- and, of course enjoy the newer stuff.

You've got a fantastic blog.