Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Classic Tobacco Commericals -

Classic Commercials 1960 -

Various Classic Commercials -

Classic Toy Commercials From The 50's And 60's -

Vintage Coca Cola Commercial -

Classic Radio Commercials 1920's to 1950's -

This is a bit of a change of pace from my usual posts...I did a sweep of the internet and collected a bunch of different retro commercials for your visual and listening enjoyment. Gasp in wonder at the kitsch, corny, sexist and just plain wrong advertising that has left an indelible mark on pop culture and society at large. Many of the biggest corporations in the world are featured in the above collections and it's interesting to see what techniques they employed in the past to spruik their products. Probably the most gobsmacking is Fred And Barney from the Flintstones cartoon being used in an advertisement for Winston Cigarettes, WTF indeed. You can download that one here or through the last of the links on my list. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Main Theme / Bob Harris & Paul Francis Webster
Track 2 - I'm Scaling This Wall As Easily As I Can Walk / Dialogue
Track 3 - Big Bass Guitar / Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
Track 4 - Looks Like Trouble / Syd Dale
Track 5 - The Hellraisers / Syd Dale
Track 6 - Trap Door / David Lindup
Track 7 - Sixth Sense / David Lindup
Track 8 - Don't Worry Mr.Mayor / Dialogue
Track 9 - Dream Fantasy / Syd Dale
Track 10 - Walk & Talk / Syd Dale
Track 11 - Escaped? Well You Wont This Time / Dialogue
Track 12 - Slipstream / Syd Dale
Track 13 - Men Of Action / David Lindup
Track 14 - Stand By / David Lindup
Track 15 - There's Some Sort Of Danger Here / Dialogue
Track 16 - Action Stations / David Lindup
Track 17 - Thwip / SFX
Track 18 - Zero Hour / David Lindup
Track 19 - Grand Prix / Johnny Pearson
Track 20 - Quite Contrary / Syd Dale
Track 21 - The Whole Zoo Is Breaking Loose / Dialogue
Track 22 - Maelstrom / Syd Dale
Track 23 - Meet The Family / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 24 - Mods And Rockers / Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
Track 25 - LSD / Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
Track 26 - Discotek / Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
Track 27 - Juggernaut / David Lindup
Track 28 - Forewarning A / Syd Dale
Track 29 - They're Afraid Of The Vultureman / Dialogue
Track 30 - Walk In A Nightmare / Syd Dale
Track 31 - Raver / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 32 - The Washington Affair / Syd Dale
Track 33 - Forewarnign C / Syd Dale
Track 34 - Veiled Threat A / David Lindup
Track 35 - How Do You Like Being Tied Up For A Change? / Dialogue
Track 36 - Veiled Threat B / David Lindup
Track 37 - Not So Private Eye / Syd Dale
Track 38 - Dread And Danger / Syd Dale
Track 39 - Let's Get This Show On The Road Gang / Dialogue
Track 40 - Drive On / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 41 - News Views / Syd Dale
Track 42 - Stop Look and Listen / David Lindup
Track 43 - We're On Top Of The World / Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
Track 44 - Harriet & Harry / Dialogue
Track 45 - Into The Sunset / Harris & Webster
Track 46 - Main Theme (French Version) / Various

Here is a special treat for you all, a truly comprehensive and utterly fab collection of KPM tracks that were used in the Spider-Man t.v series. Syd Dale and David Lindup are featured heavily with familiar names such as Hawkshaw and Pearson also being included, the musical styles range from tense strings and jazzy go-go grooves to bombastic big band numbers. Interspersed throughout are little snippets of humorous dialogue from the show which adds even more joy. The Syd Dale tracks hold the compilation together, "Quite Contrary", "The Hellraisers", "The Washington Affair" and "Not So Private Eye" are all exceptional but there is plenty more gold to be found elsewhere. I spent months trying to find a copy of this record before it was finally donated to me by one of the Funky Frolic family. Don't let this opportunity slip, it is one of the most desirable library music collections imaginable!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I found this little gem over at the excellent Henry Krinkle's House Of Sound. It is a barnstorming, ass kicking collection of radio spots from all the greatest blaxploitation films of the 1970's. I'm only a third of the way through the album as I type this but I'm already in love, it is the perfect melting pot of advertising music, corniness and damn funky grooves! The voice overs are just classic and it's easy to imagine sitting in a cinema sometime in 1974 watching a preview for one of these movies. This could be my favourite discovery of 2011. Awesome!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Drugstore
Track 2 - Marijuana
Track 3 - Performance
Track 4 - Hurrycane
Track 5 - Velvet
Track 6 - Soft Cream
Track 7 - Yellow Drops
Track 8 - Yatagan
Track 9 - Jungla

This may or may not be a library record. Of Italian origins? Possibly. Weird and jazzy? Most certainly. I couldn't find a shred of information about Iglio on the internet, not that background information is necessary to enjoy this unique delight. It's smoky and powerful and alluring. The standout for me is "Velvet" but the rather bizarre "Yellow Drops" is also right up there. At it's strangest points this album almost dissolves into musique concrete, clearly there is  a lot going on in the mind of this madman. Download and check it out for yourself! Thanks to Mondo Ribelle for the link.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Troublemaker / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 2 - The Hunter / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 3 - The Investigator / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 4 - Task Force / Mike Moran
Track 5 - Situation Unstable / Mike Moran
Track 6 - C.C.X / David Lindup
Track 7 - Inside Information / David Lindup
Track 8 - Move / Alan Parker
Track 9 - Counter Move / Alan Parker
Track 10 - Mustang / Alan Parker
Track 11 - Hard Line / Alan Parker
Track 12 - Stake Out / Alan Parker
Track 13 - Offbeat / Les Hurdle
Track 14 - The Come-On / Alan Tew

A very, very nice record from the Themes International library featuring a star studded lineup of composers! This one has a heavy crime funk vibe with many of the tracks exhibiting wild drums and guitar. The first few songs by Alan Parker don't really gel with the rest of the album ( they're still pretty good though ). However "Stake Out" and "Hard Line" are absolute classics! You wont find a dull track in this collection and if you are anything like me you will be putting it on high rotation. Don't let this one pass you by! Thanks to the original uploader.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Track 1 - Flying High
Track 2 - Going Home
Track 3 - Walking In The Dark
Track 4 - Fighting For Life
Track 5 - Feeling Tense
Track 6 - Running Fast
Track 7 - Loving Tenderly
Track 8 - Fearing Much
Track 9 - Being Friendly
Track 10 - Having Fun

This record by Jay Richford & Gary Steven ( aka Stefano Torossi )  has a very deserved reputation for greatness. The music could be described as cinematic funk / porn groove with lush strings and deep bass complimenting the horns and breakbeats. Some people have likened "Feelings" to another classic library album, "Mindbender" by Stringtronics. It was originally put out on the Conroy label before being released in Italy ( featuring the above cover ), Brazil and later reissued through Easy Tempo. I really don't have much more to write about this one other than to strongly urge you to download it. Truly exceptional grooves!