Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Track 1 - Detective Theme
Track 2 - High Terror
Track 3 - Iron Fist
Track 4 - Police Python 357
Track 5 - Chief Inspector
Track 6 - Infernal Chase
Track 7 - Angelo's Bar
Track 8 - Prohibited Sector
Track 9 - Manipulated Code
Track 10 - Night Fever
Track 11 - Checkpoint Charlie
Track 12 - Zone Y
Track 13 - Shadowing
Track 14 - Serum Of Truth

L'Illustration Musicale library is the source for this excellent selection of crime infused grooves composed by Eddie Warner. The emotive song titles set the stage for a powerhouse album of blasting horns, tense strings and mad drumming. However, there is more than a bit of variation which comes in the form of lovely piano number "Angelo's Bar", the surprising synths of "Prohibited Sector" and the atmospheric "Shadowing". I wasn't sure what to make of this album at first but subsequent listens have increased my appreciation. You will find Eddie's work on a number of different library music compilations including "La Guepe Vol.2 which can be found here.


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