Monday, April 2, 2012


Okay, try to bear with me because this will be a long post. Firstly I would like to express my gratitude for the overwhelming support I have received in the last few days, in Funky Frolics' darkest hour you have cheered my soul and cleared my head. I am not able to respond individually to each message I've been sent but would like to touch on a few points that were raised...

1. Funky Frolic will continue. I was never tempted to pull the plug on something I have invested so much time and energy into. I can't guarantee my commitment beyond 2012 but for now I remain dedicated to sharing my love of music and hopefully turning people on to new and exciting sounds.

2. Many of you voiced the opinion that is was better for me to move forward than go back and try to fix hundreds of broken links. While it saddens me to do this I can't help but agree, my energy is best used elsewhere. For those who are late to the party all I can do is apologise, I will assess reupload requests on a case by case basis but can't make any promises.

3. I just wanted to make it clear that I don't hold a grudge against Mediafire. They were well within their rights to do what they did and frankly I'm surprised they didn't give me the boot earlier. I was naive and labelled my uploads in a way that made them easy to search for but also easy to delete. For me the biggest shame is losing the majority of my home made compilations including all the Legends Of Library series. Those comps WILL be reuploaded eventually and I'm hoping to add bonus material not found on the original releases. Last month Le Spock actually packaged my Frolic Beat comps with improved rips and covers but the Depositfiles link has already been pulled. So, if you're out there Le Spock and are able to re-up on Mirrorcreator or 4Shared I'd much appreciate it.

4. That brings me to my next point. So far Mirrorcreator has been a safe option for my new uploads, even if a few of the mirrors get pulled it still allows users some different options. I'm also looking at 4Shared and Wupload which I have found to be the best services when I've downloaded content in the past.

5. I appreciate the suggestions about going private but for me it is counter to what Funky Frolic is all about. I've always wanted to reach as many people as possible and if this makes me a target of various forces then I have to accept that as part of the game. The doors at Funky Frolic will always be open.

6. To the person who just sent me a message saying that most of the Mediafire links on my account were other people's files anyway - you are right and wrong. I had uploaded a great deal of my music collection and if those albums happen to be available elsewhere it doesn't mean they weren't my own rips. Yes, I reuploaded numerous files from other blogs. This was purely done as a way of providing another download source of the material in question and given the events of the last few months it was a prudent decision. The files in question are now in countless more hands and should no active links be available in the future there is a higher chance of someone taking the time to upload them again. I have had to replace a lot of my dead Megaupload files with links from other blogs purely through necessity and the same will no doubt happen over time with my lost Mediafire files where possible. I make no apologies for this.

The majority of what I do these days is bringing pre existing uploads to a wider audience. The whole "ownership of a rip" debate is counter productive to what most bloggers want - to spread great music as far and wide as possible. I've seen lots of my own rips turn up elsewhere ( without any credit ) and I could not care less, if anything I am flattered by it.

7. This has all coincided with a rather busy period in my real life but I'll try to post something tonight.

I will leave you with another thank you to all the supporters, well wishers and contributors that have made Funky Frolic what it is. Some of you have written of the impact this blog has had on your musical appreciation. The fact I've been able to influence the tastes of people I will never meet, who live on the other side of the world and might not even speak my own language is something I will cherish forever. It's been an honour to help you on your musical journey. Some of you have also opened my eyes to composers and groups I wasn't aware of previously and I am very thankful for your contribution to my musical journey. I hope we can continue to build positive relationships and connections in the future.

Until next time, stay funky.


Anonymous said...

Much LOVE!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just thankful for all of the wonderful music you have made available to us. I'll check back later...I hope you'll be here.--Bill

Armpit Studios said...

I totally agree with you on item 6. If other people have actually recorded an album by playing the instruments themselves and provided it as a download, only then would they have the right to complain about others offering it for download (maybe). But ripping a record and scanning the cover sure as hell doesn't give anyone ownership rights. Yes, giving credit to the originator (if known) is the right thing to do, but it in no way helps that originator in any way other than stroking their ego.

Carol said...


Kropotkin said...

words of wisdom...keep on keeping u bro

Ibi Antifeixista said...

Hi, I don't Know much english but I try it.
I am a good fun of FunkY Frolic! I live in Catalunya (near Spain) and all weeks entry in your blog.
It's fantastic! I like funk, soul and ska. Your blog give me(me and much more people) a good funk music!

I give you support and congratulations from Catalunya!
Funky frolic for always!!!

Visca el FunK!

Ibi Antifeixista said...

Support and congratulations from Catalunya!
I Like Funk!

gilhodges said...

Thanks for all you've done for us. Any more is just the cherry on top. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

So glad you chose to keep going! Whilst many others have fallen by the wayside, your ears are too valuable for that. Keep it going!!

Anonymous said...

Hotfile & depositfiles have been around a long time, perhaps give them a try!

TS Bray said...

Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do. It is truly amazing and I have discovered some truly wonderful music thanks to you.

September 70 Sounds said...

I'm so glad you have decided to keep on keeping on Mr Craig. It would be a cold dark world without you spreading the light of your musical knowledge.

Again, you have nothing but my respect...from one enthusiast to another.


Brian said...

Thanks again for sticking with this mate! Perseverance is a strong trait to have!

You like us have a unique sense to enjoy artistic compositions from yesteryear.

As for purchasing this type of music... well it's damn near impossible to find some of this stuff as to actually afford of owning.

So good on ya Mr. Craig for not giving in to bureaucracy and allowing someone to twist your arm!

We only do this sharing because of our passion for something that we truly appreciate & enjoy!

I personally am grateful for finding your blog. I have been searching for groovy tunes such as you've provided for many years.

JawsOfJosh said...

Thank you, Captain - for your previous work and your continued work.

You have an audience. We hear you and we are appreciative that you are here.

Great work! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great blog! I've got to know a lot of music I didn't know existed, thanks to you. I came here some months ago, looking for music from the 1960s spiderman cartoon -which I had been wishing to get for many years-, and I discovered the KPM series and all this great library music you've been sharing!
Greetings from Guatemala, and thank you for your perseverance!

Maïorov Simpleton said...

YOU (and a few others !) are responsible for my ever-growing love of library music ! Thank you ! You know me through Weirdward Ho and Smutshake Cupcake, and MegaUpload left me puzzled too as regards what I should do... and I took the same decisions: keep on going, and fix links only when requested. As regards your point 6, I always thought the same, hence the need to write this comment: I just started to build a new blog strictly about library music, and my (impossible ?) aim is to try and centralize all the records that I find on the net. You know I usually link to the original blogs, but on this one I chose not to do so, for the reasons that you explained: links disappear so easily these days that I chose to download and reup other people's rips rather than link to their own blogs. Trying to stay honest nonetheless, I added a page with links to the main library blogs. Of course you're in it ! THANK YOU again for having made me love these library records... I used to be afraid by those covers that all looked the same, and thought I would never be able to remember what records I like, don't like, or look for ! Here is my new blog:

I'm glad you chose to go on with your great work, thank you !
See you !

Tabayo Yatukishi / Maïorov Simpleton