Sunday, January 16, 2011


Track 1 - American Express / Keith Roberts
Track 2 - Magnum Force / Keith Roberts
Track 3 - Skyscraper / Keith Roberts
Track 4 - Skyscraper Alt. End / Keith Roberts
Track 5 - Mogul / Keith Roberts
Track 6 - Stunt / Keith Roberts
Track 7 - Stunt Alt. End / Keith Roberts
Track 8 - Sportsman / Keith Roberts
Track 9 - Thrust / Keith Roberts
Track 10 - Big Talk / Frank Ricotti
Track 11 - Video Explosion / Trevor Bastow
Track 12 - Wacker / Johnny Pearson
Track 13 - Celebration Day / Dave Gold
Track 14 - Presentation Pack / Dave Gold
Track 15 - Tropical T.V / Dave Gold
Track 16 - Out And About / Dave Gold

"Bold As Brass" is another Bruton winner with a distinctly jazz/funk feel to it (the main exception being the utterly insane "Wacker"). Probably the best work is in the early tracks by Keith Roberts, but "Video Explosion" is quite good and there is nothing wrong with the always solid Dave Gold compositions. This album also achieves high marks for having one of the more interesting Bruton covers.


litlgrey said...

Yes, but you know what? It is more than a little reminiscent of the cover to De Wolfe DWLP 3207 - Monopoly.

Mr. Craig said...

Yeah, you may have a point there. I wonder which one was released first.

Américo said...

Like "City Limits", "Good Morning America" and some of the BRH series, this album is really powerful. Video Explosion, certainly is the gem inside.

Thanks Mr. Craig for this post.