Monday, January 31, 2011


Updated compilation can be found here

Track 1 - Beat Me Til I'm Blue
Track 2 - Mile High Swinger
Track 3 - Tap Footer
Track 4 - Girl In A Sportscar
Track 5 - Get Ready, Get Set...Fly
Track 6 - Oddball
Track 7 - Organ Mania
Track 8 - Collect
Track 9 - Fun Pack
Track 10 - Hot Seat
Track 11 - Troubleshooter 1
Track 12 - Man Of The World
Track 13 - The Speed Of Sound
Track 14 - The Reporter
Track 15 - Man Of Means
Track 16 - End Credits

This is the first in a series of compilations I am putting together which celebrate the careers of library music legends. Today we begin with Mr. Alan Hawkshaw. It was a bit of a challenge because I have already posted the excellent "Mo' Hawk" collection at Funky Frolic so I had to dig a bit deeper to come up with some groovy gems.

Hawkshaw fans will know what to expect - lots of great organ work, funky drumming and a smattering of horns and synths. These tracks have been culled from various Bruton and KPM releases aswell as a few compilation albums. I've tried to do the best with the material I have and hopefully it does Alan's amazing career justice.


NX said...

A legend to say the least! I have to give credit where it's due however, you sir have an amazing estabishment here. It's truly an honor to have these classic and timeless items presented in such a respectful and cordial manner! The descriptions, the labeling, your own personality inflicted upon each entry make me check for this blog first thing when I hop on the good old internets! Salute.

Hawkshaw for the win!

Mr. Craig said...

Goodness me NX, you're making me blush! I have a lot of fun doing this so I'm glad it shows. Here's hoping you enjoy the Funky Frolic future.

tentas said...

uber thanx

Funkyfil44 said...

Famous french artist SERGE GAINSBOURG (1928/1991) conductor and arranger from his classics concept albums of the 70's like "l homme a tete de chou"1977...

J. Sam said...

Great compilation! My personal favorite Hawkshaw composition is "Saturn Rings" from Bruton's "Frontiers of Science" LP. One of the most beautiful tracks ever.