Friday, January 21, 2011


Track 1 - Fanfare For Tomorrow
Track 2 - Dream Machine
Track 3 - Concorde
Track 4 - Perfect Performance (1)
Track 5 - Perfect Performance (2)
Track 6 - Datalink
Track 7 - Electronic Kites
Track 8 - Forwarning
Track 9 - Buzby's Band
Track 10 - Superbrain
Track 11 - Mobile Unit
Track 12 - Star Games
Track 13 - Memories Of The Future
Track 14 - Computer Crime
Track 15 - Prototype
Track 16 - No Blade Of Grass
Track 17 - Take Control
Track 18 - Analogue Dialogue
Track 19 - Fission Chips
Track 20 - Time Warp

Released in 1980 by George Fenton and Ken Freeman, this is one of the more obscure KPM's. As the title suggests it is a collection of electronic themed songs but the surprise here is that there is a strong orchestral / soundtrack vibe running through the record.

Things really begin to heat up on the ominous "Forwarning", "Mobile Unit" is a great bit of robot disco funk and "Memories Of The Future" and "Computer Crime" are absolute killers. A few of the tracks feel a bit out of place but there is also a lot to like. It's difficult to comprehend what t.v, radio show or film would have required this kind of music for their production but 30 years later and in the context of a complete listening experience, it certainly has appeal.

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MAC64 said...

Mobile Unit is used as theme for the german TV show 'Spiegel TV Magazin'.