Monday, January 10, 2011


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Track 1 - Building Scenesetter / Trevor Bastow
Track 2 - Speedster / Trevor Bastow
Track 3 - Looks Good / Trevor Bastow
Track 4 - Stylish / Trevor Bastow
Track 5 - Major Presentation / Trevor Bastow
Track 6 - Video In Industry / A.Harry
Track 7 - Pushing Ahead / Trevor Bastow
Track 8 - On The Road / Trevor Bastow
Track 9 - Grand Scale / Trevor Bastow
Track 10 - Blue Steel / Brian Bennett
Track 11 - Blue Steel Statement / Brian Bennett
Track 12 - Visnews / Trevor Bastow
Track 13 - Men On The Move / G.Butler
Track 14 - Giant / S.Gray
Track 15 - Prestige Travel / L.Clark
Track 16 - New York 2001 / James Cameron
Track 17 - New York 2001 Alt End / James Cameron
Track 18 - New York 2001 Submix / James Cameron

This is a really fun and diverse Bruton release from 1983 that is full of uptempo seize-the-day grooves and super jazz funk. The first 9 tracks are by Trevor Bastow, whom I had never heard of prior to listening to this record. His work featured here is excellent and really captures the feeling of corporate achievement and prosperity that I guess was the theme of the album. Brian Bennett and James Cameron also provide some fantastic tracks that should please any discerning library music fan. Another Bruton winner.


blunde said...

Thanks for posting this album - its so rare to find 80s library music online! I've been desperate to hear the Bruton album Hit Pack by Brian Wade and Alan Hawkshaw...being that you're a big Hawkshaw fan, would you have a copy of that record somewhere on your hard drive?

Mr. Craig said...

Ah yes, Hit Pack...what an enticing title. My hard drive is nodding it's head saying that yes it does have that so I will put it up in the next week or so. It's great to find another Bruton fan, they tend to get bashed a bit in library music forums online.

Dr. Claw said...

the link is dead. Does anyone have an alternative?