Thursday, January 6, 2011


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Track 1 - I Am A Pervert
Track 2 - They Make My Cock Rock Hard
Track 3 - Martin's First Letter
Track 4 - Just Like Hillary Clinton
Track 5 - Keeping Sexy With Girls
Track 6 - Poor Old Ken
Track 7 - By A Thursday
Track 8 - Woman Feet
Track 9 - Martin's Second Letter
Track 10 - A Blowjob Worth Remembering
Track 11 - My Big Rising Willy
Track 12 - Elvis The Unluckiest Guy In The World
Track 13 - Shawshank Redemption (But It Isn't)
Track 14 - My Special Message: Penis
Track 15 - Piccadilly, Manchester
Track 16 - Female Bum Conscious Aware
Track 17 - You Really Turn Me On
Track 18 - I Am Gorilla
Track 19 - Don Male
Track 20 - I Want To Hold Your Hand
Track 21 - Dear Sexy Charmaine
Track 22 - Dale
Track 23 - Martin's Third Letter
Track 24 - Diana, Princess Of Wales
Track 25 - I Want To Enlarge My Cock
Track 26 - Strawberries And Cream
Track 27 - Dirty Letter In Sex
Track 28 - My Robotics Project (1)
Track 29 - Spunky Arthur
Track 30 - Yours Sincerely Lionel
Track 31 - My Robotics Project (2)
Track 32 - Suck You Out
Track 33 - I Ham A Man
Track 34 - Martin's Fourth Letter
Track 35 - Feed My Cat
Track 36 - Does It Go Crossways?
Track 37 - I'm Worried
Track 38 - Shaking That Bare Bum Clevage Between
Track 39 - Carol Smillie & Carol Vonderman (Live At Wembley)

Now, I have listened some strange stuff in my time but Dirty Fan Male goes so far beyond anything I have heard before! The first time I played this I spent the entire time laughing uncontrollably or trying to pick my jaw up off the ground. It is a collection of letters to porn stars and Page 3 girls which are recited for your listening pleasure. Some are hilarious, some are filthy and many are way way way beyond weird. The voice talent really bring out the desperation and dirtiness in each gobsmacking letter. This record has been so popular it has spawned a book and a sold out stage show. Here is an example of what to expect -

You really turn me on
wild really wild
and you very beautiful
sexy body
and you're gorgeous
and sexy big boob and rising nipple
and i fuck you
and you fuck me
and we fuck all the day
and we fuck all the night
and my big rising willie

Yours sincerely


This album is one of the reasons why I have an "Adult Content" warning at the front of my blog. Be assured, this is strictly adults only. It was released on the excellent Trunk Records which also put out the brilliant Super Sounds Of Bosworth compilation.


audiogarammasala said...

Hey I like this Blog and we are from the same town Adelaide
Check it.
Do you listen to Raw Like Sushi 3d radio?

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for the comment. No, I haven't heard Raw Like Sushi. What time/day is it on? I'll check it out. Funny you should mention 3D, I dj'ed there for a couple of years back around 1998-2000.

Maïorov Simpleton said...

Hi ! Could you please reup this one ? I'd be really happy to share it on Smutshake Cupcake !!!