Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Track 1 - Preludio
Track 2 - Tema
Track 3 - To Plinius
Track 4 - My Mind Flie
Track 5 - Shuum
Track 6 - Tredicesimo
Track 7 - Dianalogo
Track 8 - Spunti Dall
Track 9 - Posizione R
Track 10 - Canzona

Oh wow! This is one hell of a psych / rock / funk / jazz / atmospheric Italian freakout from 1972. Rampant drum breaks and hallucinogenic guitars are showcased on tracks such as "Posizione R", "Shuum", "Tredicesimo" and "Spunti Dall". There are a couple of vocal numbers and quieter moments but it's the full-on nature of most of the album that drives me wild. It's unlike any other Italian OST I've heard and I'm not surprised that this record has come up on the radar of crate diggers ( "Preludio" has been sampled by someone but I can't put my finger on who ). The production qualities also add to the enjoyability of this unique and unusual delight, which is another reason why you should take the opportunity to download this and get your freak on to the wild grooves.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post

Preludio was sampled by Non Phixion - The CIA Is Trying To Kill Me

Mr. Craig said...

Interesting, that wasn't actually the track I was thinking of but thanks for the information none the less!

elusive said...

thanks! nice one

Mike said...

Ultra fine!!

Tex said...

MAN! I'm getting Spaghetti Space Opera soundtrack vibes from this, as well as echoes of The Pink Floyd, Giles, Giles and Fripp, David Bowie, and of all things, the Allman Brothers and Ram Jam (is there such a thing as Southern-Fried Italian Rock?)

Groovie as usual, Mr.C!

(1000 Geek Points if you even remember Ram Jam)

Mr. Craig said...

Why thank you Tex. I have discovered a cache of Italian goodies on a blog which has been abandoned for a couple of years so I'm going to rescue some of them. A couple of Kung Fu soundtracks coming up soon too.

Mr. Craig said...

Oh, and thanks to Mike and elusive for your comments. Much appreciated.

Mike said...

Woah, did you just say "Kung Fu soundtracks"? YEAAAAAH! I've got a lot of that stuff. You ought to check out this blog:

Hrangue has done an astounding job compiling the music from old Shaw Brothers films (oh, and some rare library LPs as well). He's a cool guy so do check his blog out if you haven't already. Of course, anyone who's been following Frayer knows of his great love for the genre.

Aside from that, I'm working on a new comp which I'm sure you'll be pleased with. Keep your eyes peeled.

Mr. Craig said...

Those S/T's are just from a couple of Bruce Lee films so I'm sure you've been there done that by now.

Yeah, I get a bit of traffic from Hatembargo now and again. Had just forgotten to reciprocate the link. I like his work.

I finished that Steve Gray comp yesterday, I'll post it on the 30th.

Mike said...

You mean you're posting Bruce Lee soundtracks or are you referring to someone else?

I look forward to your Steve Gray comp. A magnificent composer.

Mr. Craig said...

Yeah sorry, my comment was a bit ambiguous. I downloaded a couple of Bruce Lee OST's yesterday, will post them sometime. Also, 5 minutes ago I downloaded a very curious kung fu themed dub record. I'll put that up next week.

Anonymous said...

you have to watch the movies too, not only listening to the soundtracks