Sunday, January 30, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Move On / Alan Parker
Track 2 - Play It Cool / Alan Parker
Track 3 - Travellin' / Alan Parker
Track 4 - The Young Set / Alan Parker
Track 5 - The Skulker (Version 1) / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 6 - The Skulker (Version 2) / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 7 - High Driver / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 8 - Ski Bird (Version 1) / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 9 - Ski Bird (Version 2) / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 10 - Innercity / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 11 - Freedom Trip / Jon Watts
Track 12 - Tower Of Power / Mike Cox

Parker and Hawkshaw team up on "New Blood" and the results are predictable - some seriously cool grooves and beats. Parker in particular tears things up with "Travellin" and "Play It Cool" while the Hawk's best work is on "The Skulker" and "Innercity". Jon Watts and Mike Cox fill the collection out with a couple of awesome songs, "Tower Of Power" is pure gold! The vinyl this rip comes from has a bit of crackling but it just adds to the feeling that you are listening to a lost library music treasure. Super sweet stuff.


Killa said...

Remember this one. Great share!!

DefChef said...

Just surfed over here from God knows where...but I'm lovin' it & grabbing lottsa fine new soundz for my tired ears!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks DC, hope to see you back soon. Always putting new stuff up.

4th Assassin said...

Any chance of a reup on this? Thanks