Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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Track 1 - Robot Avenue
Track 2 - Automatic Meteor
Track 3 - Future Cosmic
Track 4 - Blue Laser
Track 5 - Automax
Track 6 - Computer For Love
Track 7 - Baby Robot
Track 8 - Bass Echo
Track 9 - Automax
Track 10 - Electronic Jogging
Track 11 - Percussion System

I haven't heard a lot of good music that was released in 1980 but this wonderful library record from the Telemusic label is an exception. Sauveur Mallia's "Automation" could be loosely described as electronic mood music, at times the tracks are sombre and contemplative ( "Future Cosmic", "Blue Laser" ) while there is also a playfulness that resonates through works such as "Baby Robot" and "Electronic Jogging". What strikes me the most about this collection is how well it has aged, suggesting that a lot of what Sauver created was ahead of its time. "Automation" is a good companion piece to the equally competent "Cosmosynthetic Vol.1" which you can download here.


Mike said...

Is this anything like the BGM to those videos we used to watch in school or on those nature/science shows from the 80's?

Mr. Craig said...

I would probably say yes. It certainly has a doco style feel to it.

Mike said...

I'm all for it. The 70's through the early 80's had some of the most interesting music ever produced.

papy potage said...

you can find track robot avenue on "Space Oddities Vol. 1" by ALEXIS LE-TAN

and good mixtape by ALEXIS LE-TAN

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Papy, I do have Space Oddities in my collection. I'll be sure to check out that mix, Cheers.

James said...

I'm a new guy on the block. This is a great blog!! Thanks!!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks James, hope to see you here again soon.

ZeekZilla said...

can you reup?

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apilgrim said...

Another reup request

Mr. Craig said...

I've added it to the list. Give me a few days.