Sunday, January 2, 2011


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Track 1 - This Is Soul / The Saphires
Track 2 - Memphis Soul Stew / Funkgus
Track 3 - Koto Mata / Tali Bong
Track 4 - Charlie / The Big Boss OST
Track 5 - Superstition / Saigon Show Band
Track 6 - Humpin' / John Cadman
Track 7 - School Boy Crush / U.S Army Band
Track 8 - Slow Soul / The Travellers
Track 9 - Memphis Underground / The Nine Millimeters
Track 10 - Coming Home Baby / Madam Laos In House Showgirl Band
Track 11 - Buzz Saw / The Steps
Track 12 - Congress Six / Black Belt Jones OST
Track 13 - Tempura Soul / Fuka Vicente
Track 14 - Funky Stuff / The Happy Dolls
Track 15 - G.I Bonus Beats (Go Go Girl Side)
Track 16 - G.I Bonus Beats (G.I Soldier Side)

It wasn't all psychedelic rock n roll during the Vietnam War, it took place during a period where some of the funkiest music in history was made. Here is a selection of tracks that either reference the war or are symbolic of the type of grooves happening in the early 1970's. Highlights include the whacked out eastern funk of "Koto Mata", the fuzz guitar infused cover version of "Superstition" and the slinky "Coming Home Baby" which is almost unrecognizable compared to the original song. As a bonus there are some random hip hop beats to finish off the compilation. Make funk not war!!!


Dan said...

_everything_ you've posted is unique and so good - big thanks :-)

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks Dan, it means a lot to get some feedback (espically when it's good!)

kinhvanhoa said...

oh...the link is broken.Could you share this album again?I really want to hear these songs.Thanks.

Repo said...

Some interesting-looking covers here. Can't wait to listen to them. Thanks a million for these!

Anonymous said...

Re The Saphires - they were an australian aboriginal group and there is a recent great movie about their Vietnam experience called, of course, The Saphires. It features the fabulous singer Jessica Mauboy.

Mr. Craig said...

I hadn't noticed the Saphires were on this CD! I'm giving my mother the movie soundtrack for Christmas : )