Friday, January 7, 2011


Track 1 - Quiet Village
Track 2 - I Talk To The Trees
Track 3 - Yellow Bird
Track 4 - The Enchanted Sea
Track 5 - Delilah
Track 6 - Let Go (Canto De Ossanha)
Track 7 - Midnight Cowboy
Track 8 - Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Track 9 - Let It Be Me
Track 10 - A Taste Of Honey
Track 11 - Was It Really Love?
Track 12 - Love Me Tonight

This is Martin Denny's addition to the moog genre and it proves to be a thoroughly compelling listen. The key to this album is that a) Denny was a highly skilled composer and b) he doesn't let the moog dominant or distract from the rest of the instruments. At times the mix of exotica and moog gives the recording an Italian library music feel ("Was It Really Love?", "I Talk To The Trees"). The biggest surprise is the final track "Love Me Tonight" which is borderline techno! However my pick of the bunch would be the wonderful "Enchanted Sea". Overall, this is a interesting and engaging record that should please most Funky Frolikers.

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Funkyfil44 said...

Hey Mr CRAIG! Please don't forget french pionneer electronic musician JEAN JACQUES PERREY ! (82 years old today ...)
with classics albums like "MOOD INDIGO" 1970...