Saturday, January 28, 2012


Track 1 - 20th Century Fox Theme
Track 2 - BBC Medieval Mind Trip
Track 3 - Mr.T Cartoon Theme
Track 4 - Wheel Of Fortune Theme 1975-1983
Track 5 - Victoria Bitter Beer Commercial
Track 6 - TVS Indent 1982-1987
Track 7 - Palisades Amusement Park Commercial
Track 8 - Diet Coke 1983 - First Ever Commercial
Track 9 - Superman/Aquaman Hour Of Adventure Theme
Track 10 - Atlanta Braves Baseball On TBS 1980's
Track 11 - McDonald's McDLT feat. Jason Alexander
Track 12 - Mannix Theme (LP Version)
Track 13 - Marine Boy Theme
Track 14 - Mac Vs PC Commercial
Track 15 - BBC 2010 Election Theme
Track 16 - Magnum P.I Commercial Break
Track 17 - Service Information
Track 18 - ABC's Wide World Of Sports Theme
Track 19 - Shazam Theme 1974
Track 20 - Warner Bros. Pictures Theme
Track 21 - Mario's All Stars Theme
Track 22 - Jack In The Box Mini Sirloin Burgers Commercial (Spanish Version)
Track 23 - McDonald's Big Mac Commercial 1978
Track 24 - WCBS 11pm News 1982
Track 25 - Old People Die PSA
Track 26 - WAYL FM Indent 1981
Track 27 - $10,000 Pyramid Theme
Track 28 - E.T Wants Future Funk Jingle
Track 29 - Universal Pictures Theme
Track 30 - Magnum P.I Theme
Track 31 - Pepsi Generation feat. Michael Jackson
Track 32 - ABC Station Break
Track 33 - Manwich Commercial
Track 34 - The $64,000 Question Theme
Track 35 - The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Theme
Track 36 - ABC Monday Night Football Theme 1970-1975
Track 37 - WFIL Action News 1970
Track 38 - McDonald's Big Mac Commercial 1984
Track 39 - Atlanta Braves Baseball Home Run Music
Track 40 - WGBH Indent
Track 41 - Airwolf Theme 1984-1986
Track 42 - ABC 7 Eyewitness News
Track 43 - Commodore 64 Commercial 1983
Track 44 - Match Game/Hollywood Squares Theme

I've been playing around with this compilation on and off for a couple of months now and even though it's a bit rough around the edges I thought it was time to set it free from my hard drive. Aside from some interesting theme songs and vintage commercials I have included a number of cool indents, station ID's, public service announcements and general weirdness. Highlights include a "medieval" version of "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix and some very funky themes courtesy of Mannix, Wheel Of Fortune, Airwolf and Magnum P.I. On the commercial side of things there is some quality obscurity in the form of a Spanish language Jack In The Box jingle, Diet Coke's first introduction to the public and some truly demented performances on the 1978 Big Mac ad. I had to include "Victoria Bitter" because it is arguably the most iconic commercial ever on Australian television.

My pick of the bunch from the other tracks would be the BBC election coverage music which seems to generate an inexplicable emotional resonance whenever I hear it. When I release a mix it's always good to get some feedback so please take the time to leave a message if you choose to download this. It should be noted that due the variation in age and sources for this material there are differences in sound quality from track to track. I hope you enjoy!


DonHo57 said...

Most BBC music can tend to stir up emotions when I listen to it. There is just something about the Brits and their ideas about these things that makes you wonder how they are so often characterized as dry and ain't really so. I hadn't heard the election music before, but it just confirms my thought. Thanks fo cutting this loose on us, Mr. Craig. Good stuff heading into the weekend for my ears to enjoy.

David said...

Looks awesome but the link isn't working for me. Anyone else having problems?


Lord Summerisle said...

Oi, we ain't all dry and stodgy over here! ;-)

Great comp, Mr C. As much as I like library and jazzy stuff, it's these old retro themes that really float my boat.
Some corking stuff here including that Medieval Mind Trip Hendrix cover and all the news idents.

Thanks for the time and effort!

Mr. Craig said...

@David - The link is functioning fine for me. Just wait for the Mirrorcreator page to fully load then scroll down to the various file hosting options.

@DonHo57 and @LordSummerisle - Glad you liked it boys. I'll try to put something similar together in future.

R.A.M.'67 said...

Nice mix of the familiar and the not-so-familiar! :o)

Neil A. said...

Any way ou have a Mac loader version of this comp0ilation? I have a Mac, nd it won't let me load.

Mr. Craig said...

@Neil A. - You may need to use a program such as UnrarX or RAR Expander to open the archive. As far as I know all the files are mp3 and should play fine on any Mac.

Tex said...

Great job, Mr.C!

Having done quite a few compilations over the decades, I know all about the time and effort required to get the balance just right.

Ya done good, hoss!

(relic of the lp/tape compilation era)

Mr. Banstead said...

Nice work!I've been playing this compilation nonstop.Thanks for the effort!

Neil A. said...

Him dson't know if you received my post. I tried what you did and unfortunately the file oyuld not open because it has an exe at the end of it.Ny older Mac cannot open exe files. Recommendations?

Mr. Craig said...

@Neil A. - Sorry, I don't have an explanation for why that would be happening.

Neil A. said...

I thiunk it is probably the download site. Not you. I've tried downloading other stuff from there and all exe files.

Frank said...

Hallo Mr.Graig, first I want to complment you with your blog. Most of the time your comments match with mine when I've heard the record. They made some good stuff in library world... But about this comp. You write about differences in sound, but that's (for me!) not really the problem. The difficulty of listening to this comp are not the tracks, the music is really alllright, but the difference in volume. Some tracks are hard to hear, while other bounce out of my speaker. This is put a little bit too much in black and white, but I hope that you understand what I mean. Good luck in the future and I sincerely hope you will/may continue your mighty good work. Greetings from Frank, a fan from the Netherlands.

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for your comments Frank. Yes, when I mentioned in my post about the difference in sound quality I was talking about how loud and quiet some tracks are. It is unavoidable I'm afraid but I hope you still enjoyed it.

marke said...

Some very nice versions on this album, I was especially taken with 'Callan'. A really superb groovy rendition which reminded me of JB's 'Ipcress File' a little. Many thanks :)