Friday, January 28, 2011


Track 1 - Play In
Track 2 - Destruction Of The Flies
Track 3 - Invention Of The Weapon
Track 4 - The Stranger
Track 5 - The Stranger Quest
Track 6 - Finale And Play-Out
Track 7 - Asteroid Belt
Track 8 - Mercury, Fleet Messenger Of The Gods
Track 9 - Comet In Aquarius
Track 10 - The Warhorns Of Mars
Track 11 - Saturn / Chronos
Track 12 - Dawn, Invocation
Track 13 - Gathering Of The Elders
Track 14 - Coming Of The Elements, The Victim
Track 15 - Esoteric Tone Poem

I don't know what kind of future Desmond Leslie envisaged in the mid 1950's when he produced this music but it must have been pretty strange. This album is a compilation of four different recordings ("The Day The Sky Fell In", "Music Of The Voids Of Outer Space", "Sacrifice B.C 5000" and "Death Of Satan"). Those titles give you a clue of what to expect - extreme weirdness!

Desmond was an interesting fellow. He was a spitfire pilot during World War II, lived in a castle (which Paul McCartney used for one of his weddings), co-wrote the very first book on flying saucers and also created the world's first multi track sound mixing desk. Oh, and he punched a t.v host in front of 11 million viewers.

The music is a bizarre mix of vintage electronics, musique concrete and manipulated audio that, when combined, forms a kind of menacing deep space nightmare. There are electronica artists today that would kill to have the ability that Leslie displays on this collection, it is compelling and challenging for the entirety.

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