Sunday, March 6, 2011


Track 1 - Cat Theme
Track 2 - Blue Funk
Track 3 - Dreamland
Track 4 - Subway
Track 5 - Walking At Sunrise
Track 6 - Six In
Track 7 - Swinging Day
Track 8 - High Tension
Track 9 - Leyla Theme
Track 10 - Running
Track 11 - Fixed Idea
Track 12 - Cat Theme
Track 13 - Obsession

This 1976 soundtrack to the Italian crime film "Milano Violenta" proves to be a groovy delight from beginning to end and has far more in common with library music than it does with film scores of the same period. It was composed by Enrico Pieranunzi and Silvano Chimenti under the guise of "Pulsar Music Ltd.". The general mood is dramatic and ominous as you might expect (with the exception being the romantic "Leyla Theme") and a number of tracks have a smoky jazz feel. There are two songs named "Cat Theme" which is rather strange, the first being a jazz/funk explosion that opens the record while the other is a short percussion piece. Whether it be uptempo or down tempo the music provides a vivid and compelling experience which no doubt complimented the film for which it was produced.


Mike said...

What is with this onslaught of epic offerings? Practically every time I come here, my eyes are attacked by quality. My brain cannot computE*za!graH!

Mr. Craig said...

The upcoming week wont get any easier for you I'm afraid...!

Anonymous said...

do you know the catalogue number of this cometa ?

Mr. Craig said...

From what I understand the original 1976 release has a catalogue number of CMT 1005-02. It was re-released by Plastic Records in 1999 Cat. PL 008 and put out by Cometa again in 2010 with a limited editon of 1000 copies, Cat. CMT10002

Anonymous said...

Dear Master of FUNKY FROLICS:

I have to agree with Mike here: Everytime I visit
YOUR blog YOU open for us a NEW DOOR OF UNDISCOVERED GEMS. Surely - all similar blogs
gone since pale in comparison to YOU !!!

Thank YOU so much for sharing.

Mr. Craig said...

Many thanks anon, I hope you continue to enjoy the funky ride!

Simon666 said...

This is just great, thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad the funky jazz theme that palys in the opening and during chases isn't on this soundtrack. You can hear that one on the trailer on youtube.
I'm wondering if that theme which is in my opinion the best and also most used during the film is on that new 2010 release.

Mr. Craig said...

That's quite possible, the reissue has four bonus tracks.

DJ Mista Reese said...

thanks for this great gem