Friday, January 14, 2011


Track 1 - Move Move Move / Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker
Track 2 - Delhi Discotheque / Johnny Pearson
Track 3 - Snowman's Stomp / Steve Gray
Track 4 - Rocky Mountain Roundabout / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 5 - French Kick / David Lindup
Track 6 - Beat Me Til I'm Blue / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 7 - Exclusive Blend / Keith Mansfield
Track 8 - Tap Footer / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 9 - The Zodiac / David Lindup
Track 10 - Coast To Coast / Ray Cameron, Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker
Track 11 - Boogaloo Smith / James Clarke
Track 12 - Step Forward / Keith Mansfield
Track 13 - Mexican DJ / Keith Mansfield
Track 14 - Powerhouse Pop / Keith Mansfield
Track 15 - Come Here Calcutta / Johnny Pearson
Track 16 - Take To The Sky / Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker

Exclusive Blend Volume 1 digs into the KPM music library to reveal 16 funky gems from the best in the business and sets the standard for future releases. The first track is "Move Move Move" and this lays down the vibe for the compilation, it is all about hip shaking grooves that entice you to rock the dancefloor! Alan Hawkshaw and Keith Mansfield feature prominently so there is plenty of classic tracks that are heavy on the drums, horns and organ. There is a little bit of crossover with the Sound Gallery CD's but this should be seen as a good sign of the quality on show here.


Dr S. L. Baltimore said...

Hey man! Just checkin in with my blogger bro! Lovin the posts dude! if you get a chance grab the movie i just posted about delta blues, youll love it! much respect from canada!! cheers!

Majus said...

Any chance of posting this on MirrorCreator? Love the blog by the way. Check it daily.

Majus said...

Crap. I actually meant to ask this of Volume 3 (the Telemusic one). Sorry for the confusion.