Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Track 1 - Trip Wire
Track 2 - Thrust
Track 3 - Throng
Track 4 - Strike
Track 5 - Stomp
Track 6 - Smooth
Track 7 - Overtone
Track 8 - Orgy
Track 9 - Long Line
Track 10 - Down Home
Track 11 - Heartbeat

Super cool library music from the great Nick Ingman. This album dances between funk and jazz while incorporating wistful female vocals and some serious drum beats. The titles give you a good idea what to expect from each track, from the pounding "Stomp" to the sexy "Orgy". Every song is a solid gold winner and it's no wonder several of them have popped up on compilations over the years. This was released on the one and only De Wolfe label.

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