Sunday, January 16, 2011


Track 1 - Driving Force / Mike Vickers
Track 2 - Drama Montage / Brian Bennett
Track 3 - Maniac / Brian Bennett
Track 4 - Getaway / Brian Bennett
Track 5 - Fast And Furious / Brian Bennett
Track 6 - Flying Fists / Brian Bennett
Track 7 - Conflict / Richard Hill
Track 8 - Industrial Power / Johnny Pearson
Track 9 - Splashdown / Johnny Pearson
Track 10 - Challenge / Johnny Pearson
Track 11 - Nightride / Steve Gray
Track 12 - Monorail / John Fiddy
Track 13 - Strident Theme / Francis Monkman
Track 14 - Strident Theme Alt. End / Francis Monkman
Track 15 - Daredevil / Francis Monkman
Track 16 - Live Action / Francis Monkman
Track 17 - Stress / Francis Monkman
Track 18 - Moving Tension / L.Hurdle & F.Ricotti
Track 19 - Hurry / L.Hurdle & F.Ricotti
Track 20 - Speedy / L.Hurdle & F.Ricotti
Track 21 - Aggro / Jim Lawless

Right from the opening track BRK 01 is in top gear with action packed themes galore. Driving funk, pulsating beats and frenetic horns all play their part in winning over the discerning listener. Several of the tracks have the qualities of a lost blaxploitation soundtrack or crime show themes. Everything is uptempo, dramatic and oh so fun. I would usually list a few of my favourite songs but there is no point because "Driving Force" is one long showreel of funkiness. It really begs the question as to why there are not Bruton compilations out in the market because this is as good, if not better, than anything you will find on the KPM, Chappell or De Wolfe labels. Thanks to Retrontic for providing the artist names.


litlgrey said...

This early Bruton effort is one of Bruton's more compelling statements, before they devolved into cookie-cutter, unmemorable uselessness. Someone's got to rip a higher bit-rate of this one of these days!

Mr. Craig said...

It is a bit of a shame about the bitrate, I think there is only one rip going around and it originated from Diggin On Blue. I try to compensate by turning it up really loud!

retronic said...

Here are the artists:
Aggro -Jim Lawless
Challenge -Johnny Pearson
Conflict -Richard Hill
Daredevil -Francis Monkman
Drama Montage -Brian Bennett
Driving Force -Mike Vickers
Fast and Furious -Brian Bennett
Flying Fists- Brian Bennett
Getaway- Brian Bennett
Hurry -L.Hurdle/F.Ricotti
Industrial Power -Johnny Pearson
Live Action -Francis Monkman
Maniac -Brian Bennett
Monorail -John Fiddy
Moving Tension -L.Hurdle/F.Ricotti
Nightride -Steve Gray
Speedy -L.Hurdle/F.Ricotti
Splashdown -Johnny Pearson
Stress -Francis Monkman
Strident Theme -Francis Monkman
Strident Theme- Sharp end-Francis Monkman
A lot of stuff form BRJ1, BRJ 2, etc

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks retro. I had a sneaking suspicion you might come through for me.

retronic said...

I have the LP so could rip it at some point.

Mr. Craig said...

I changed the name of track 7 from "Contact" to "Conflict" as it appears in your list. Is it your assertion that this is correct?