Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Download here

Track 1 - Strident Theme
Track 2 - Strident Theme Alt End
Track 3 - Speed
Track 4 - G Force
Track 5 - Live Action
Track 6 - Daredevil
Track 7 - Stress
Track 8 - Getting Ready
Track 9 - Stargazing
Track 10 - Stargazing Alt End
Track 11 - Mystique
Track 12 - Starlight
Track 13 - Art And Science

The funky monk Francis Monkman is the brains behind this outer space themed 1978 Bruton. He combines electronic and traditional instruments to form compact cinematic soundscapes. There's more than a touch of easy listening in the later half of the album along with some groovy moments. It's quite a unique collection and thoroughly satisfying. My top picks would be "Strident Theme", "Daredevil", "Getting Ready" and "Mystique". This link is care of the Offline Vintage Library Emporium.


aceha1 said...

Wow man, great blog! I really appreciate what you've done here with the libs and all!!

Dirkson said...

Aw yay! ... again you're the man. So many great gifts, so many.


Library Big Fan said...

Hello there, you've got some nice chit out there, love the Bruton Label...any chance you got this one :
And thanks for All the Shares Man !! Keep up the good work BrO "Thumb Up"

Mr. Craig said...

I'm afraid all I have to offer is a link to Volume 14 -

Volume 3 is on sale at EBay for $9.99

the saucer people said...

The Tempus Fugit album is a truly great album...worth getting just to hear that deep dark throbbing bassline that opens 'Strident Theme'(though the rest of the track sounds better pitched down 10% or so imo)...totally concur with you about the best tracks though my personal favourite is 'Stress'..played it to open a dj set recently and it went down a storm...

....must admit that some of the tracks veer into that bland vague seventies jazzfunk kinda noodlings but thats what gives Bruton it's particular charm, such an incredible spectrum of sounds on a single release and though I am more into the electronic side of Bruton, I can still appreciate the sheer craftmanship.

...and for the obsessive types like myself the Latin title 'Tempus Fugit' means "time flees" or more commonly "time flies" so the next time someone comments on how quick something has taken you can smugly reply "tempus fugit indeed" ;)

The Francis Monkman album I would recommend is Futurama (Bruton Music BRL 4 1979) (though I am sure that most people who read this are already well aware of it) which featured ten tracks by him as well as some other great artists such as the two tracks by Nick Ingman...if you are into the more electronic side of library music, particularly the late seventies space/cosmic disco-tinged releases, Futurama is a must.

Mr. Craig said...

Funny you should mention Futurama, I nearly posted it yesterday instead of Ultra Vision but it will be appearing soon. I had previously Googled Tempus Fugit out of curiousity and discovered what a popular term / album title it is.

Your messages always fill me with joy, along with despair in the sense that you clearly should be writing these album reviews instead of me! I don't have the other Bruton's you were after but I'll shake down my usual sources and see if any apples fall out of the tree.

4th Assassin said...

Any chance of a reupload on this one. Thanks in advance.