Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Track 1 - Amen, Brother Herbert
Track 2 - Bhen
Track 3 - Brioche
Track 4 - Car Music ('72)
Track 5 - Car Music (Current)
Track 6 - Come On Down ('75)
Track 7 - Deja Vu
Track 8 - Dig We Must
Track 9 - Eric
Track 10 - Jive Walk
Track 11 - Losing Horns
Track 12 - Main Theme
Track 13 - Phaser
Track 14 - Ralph
Track 15 - Robert
Track 16 - Rye Bread 2
Track 17 - Sam
Track 18 - Second Thoughts
Track 19 - Showcase 1
Track 20 - Showcase 2
Track 21 - Splendido!
Track 22 - Spring Waltz
Track 23 - Starcrossed
Track 24 - Tachlen
Track 25 - The Bean Stalker
Track 26 - The Big Banana
Track 27 -  The Cats

This a super, super, super groovy collection of library music featured on The Price Is Right during the 1970's. I'm not sure where the music was originally sourced from or who the composers were but fans of Syd Dale, Alan Moorhouse and James Clarke should be in heaven listening to this. Horns and flutes play a prominent role in most of the tracks and they are underlayed by frenetic drumming and funky wah wah guitar. I dare you to resist the incredible "Starcrossed", "Dig We Must" or "The Bean Stalker" or the more subtle pop charms of "Deja Vu" and "Rye Bread 2". The combination of uptempo British go go grooves and down and dirty U.S funk is what makes the majority of this music so desirable and fun. A compilation truly deserving of 10 out of 10 Frolics!

I found this link over at The Cinefamily but I suspect the original comp was put together by Egg City Radio so props to whoever compiled this awesome selection. I'm sure some of you will be able to identify individual tracks so feel free to leave me a message.

Update - Thanks to those who identified the composer of this music as being Edd Kalehoff.


[(Sub)] said...

Great :)
Thanks Mr Craig

Erberken said...


Erberken said...

WOW!!!!!Thank you!!!!

The Price Is Right is Edd Kalehoff. He wrote for a lot of shows. He was also in the documentary MOOG.

Chris said...

yeah man you're great... maybe this one is somthing for you:

DJ Mista Reese said...

wow..all i can say is wow... thanks for this

blunderspublik said...

This collection has been floating around for a long time, but i've never been able to find any official releases of Edd's music. If you haven't seen his beer commercial, it's fantastic:

I absolutely LOVE these compositions though.

tomcrashkick said...

This has to be a top 5 connect from Funky Frolic. One of my fave pages on the net!!! Keep on keeping on.

Alessandro said...

The italian version ;-)

Neil A. said...

I think the company to which the music is always atytributed is Score Productions, but check the PIR show credits to make sure.

Anonymous said...

As others have said, these were composed by Edd Kalehoff and Walt Levinsky for Score Productions. Most of these are from Reel 3 in 1976 but I see a couple from 1974's Reel 2 as well.


Brian said...

My brother is a huge TGIF fan. Has an autographed copy of Bob Barker's book.

He's been on Wheel of Fortune and To Tell The Truth.

Thanks for this one!

I dig the TGIF music myself.

mrddub said...

I can not thank you enough! I have been looking for a particular song from the show for years (Splendido) but never knew the name of it until now and now I found it thanks to you! I never knew all of those songs were so funky and moody. Hearing the full version makes a difference. Now we know why The Price Is Right is so long running.

Good work posting this. Music like this should not be forgotten!

Steve G said...

The motherlode of TPIR cues is beautifully curated at from the original sources.

There's a good chance some were recorded in England (imagine the royalties every time a cue was played!)