Monday, July 11, 2011


Track 1 - Power Of The Drums / Unknown
Track 2 - Under Pressure / Nick Ingman
Track 3 - La Dimo Strzione / Danielle Patucci
Track 4 - Silhouettes / Dick Walter
Track 5 - Compression / Ed Scogillera
Track 6 - Crossing The Border / Jerry Goldsmith
Track 7 - Big Noise From Winnetka / Eric Delaney
Track 8 - Future Past / Absolute Elsewhere
Track 9 - Here We Are / Churchill
Track 10 - Tibetan Serenity / Travis Biggs
Track 11 - Dancer / Spacey
Track 12 - Mao / Peter Thomas Sound Group
Track 13 - Drum Skit 1 / Unknown
Track 14 - Drum Skit 2 / Unknown

There is a bit of everything on Volume 6, slick beats, funky horns, soundtrack grooves and a couple of nice library music tracks are all in the mix. "Under Pressure" is crime funk heaven and the more melancholic "Silhouettes" and "Future Past" are equally strong in their own way. Throw in a Jerry Goldsmith number ( from the film "The Last Run" ), a typically oddball Pete Thomas track plus a couple of random drum breaks and you've got yourself one very enjoyable compilation.


Tex said...

Track 1 has a wow at :31 (or is that supposed to be there?)

Track 2 takes us to 70s GB copland.

Track 3 takes us to Italian copland, for a little violence all'Italiana.

Track 4 brings us to Merry Olde for a little moody introspection on the way to a suspect's flat.

Track 5 Someone spiked out drink at a Soho event. "This is a"

Track 6 We are now in the world of "wet" business. A little something from the Callan/Harry Palmer school of TV/films.

Track 7 We're in the Hope and Anchor pub, and someone's poisoned our pint!

Track 8 Do you expect me to talk? "No, Mr. Frolic, I expect you to die!"

Track 9 drops us in the land of Shaft. Fortunately, we are all bad muthas by this point--see, all those 70s Library Records were instructional as well as awesome--so we survive the experience. Besides, check out those foxy ladies!

Track 10 takes our funky selves to the East for both daring adventures, and to solve a mystery at the behest of a Lady.

Track 11 >make up yer own<

Track 12 sounds like a German band trying out for the gig in Jabba's Palace. Not sure they survived the audition.

Track 13 has the Funky Avenger walking off, having saved the day for future frolickers.

Track 14 is the music snippet played over the very abridged (and massively sped-up) closing credits on the AMC showing of the movie (right before they show something that's neither American, a Movie, or one of the Classics.)

(aw, y'all go make up yer own scripts)

Dr S. L. Baltimore said...

Hey brotha! looks like things are doing great over here at FF! I absolutely love the dust fingers comps, and i was wondering if You are cool with me posting the series on my blog??

Doc S L Baltimore

Mr. Craig said...

That's cool Doc, lots of different blogs have posted the series. The more the merrier!