Thursday, October 18, 2012


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Track 1 - Handmade By Robots
Track 2 - Fast Back
Track 3 - Step Forward
Track 4 - Extravaganza
Track 5 - The Beat Moves On
Track 6 - Pop Trumpets
Track 7 - Passport International A
Track 8 - Blockbuster
Track 9 - The Busy Scene
Track 10 - Power Complex
Track 11 - Disco King
Track 12 - City Limits
Track 13 - Top Score
Track 14 - The Contract
Track 15 - Pretty Colours
Track 16 - Twinkle
Track 17 - Big Shot
Track 18 - High Velocity
Track 19 - The Fix
Track 20 - Funky Fanfare

In my continuing attempt to re-upload my Legends Of Library series, I proudly present to you Part 1 of the Keith Mansfield collection. The original compilation has been extended out from 15 tracks to a whopping 41 which hopefully provides a fuller picture of the exceptional talents that Keith has exhibited over his many years in the biz. Hardcore library fans will be familiar with many of these pieces but I've tried to put in a few that aren't as well known. Whether you desire go go, porn funk, groovy synths or easy listening there is plenty for everybody. Part 2 will follow soon. Enjoy!


Brian said...

Real groovin' tunes on this one!

Hey Craig FYI:
A real rippin' file service to use is 180upload.
No BS with ability to pause DLs!
I love it so check it out!

Cheers mate!

shawn said...

you did a good thing here brotha.

Funkyfil44 said...

please take a look here...
talk about "Night bird" classic album of Keith Mansfield reissue by Oliver Lomax on Dutton/vocalion Records

Majus said...

Thanks! Have been looking forward to these expanded editions...