Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Track 1 - Memories In Blue
Track 2 - Velvet Clouds
Track 3 - Grey Skies
Track 4 - Early Love
Track 5 - Pink Sunset
Track 6 - Topsy Bossa
Track 7 - Moody Moment
Track 8 - Rememberance
Track 9 - Young Games
Track 10 - Lonesome Flutes
Track 11 - Sliver Drops
Track 12 - Dreamland
Track 13 - Holy Isles
Track 14 - Bossa Bella
Track 15 - Ginger Waltz
Track 16 - Mare Avia

Electronic and melodic easy listening care of Roger Roger. While not one my favourite library music artists, I can't deny that Roger had a keen ear for what made a good tune. Most of the tracks are a combination of strings and electronics with an emphasis on melody. The whole album is very, very French so if you are into library music from that part of the world or just want to hear some curious easy listening then here's your chance.

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