Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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Track 1 - Cosmic Awakening / Vaclav Nelhybel
Track 2 - Tropical Scene / The Johnny Teupen Group
Track 3 - Stella Control No.1 / Frank Gartner
Track 4 - Hula Rock / The Lew Howard All Stars
Track 5 - Chant Afrique / The Lew Howard All Stars
Track 6 - Colours / The Men Of Vision
Track 7 - Tertius / The Jazz Architects
Track 8 - Solitude / The Cologne Sound
Track 9 - A Round Trip / Sydney Dale
Track 10 - Laser / Frank Gartner
Track 11 - Eastern Promise / Jonny Dean
Track 12 - Comes The Cajun / Anthony Mawer
Track 13 - Big John / Paolo Zavallone
Track 14 - Drama In Space / The Leo Hassler Synthesiser
Track 15 - Campus Crowd / The Seventy Sound Group
Track 16 - Hang Loose / Anthony Mawer
Track 17 - Grotesque / The Leo Hassler Synthesiser
Track 18 - A Walkin' Beat / The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra
Track 19 - Propulsion / Frank Gartner
Track 20 - West Coast Session / The Rolf And Klaus Modern Jazz Group
Track 21 - Bluephoria / The Seventy Sound Group
Track 22 - Cloud Environment / Frank Gartner
Track 23 - Eastern Ritual / The International Orchestra
Track 24 - Fugitive On The Run / Pete Sander
Track 25 - Sun Lava / Vaclav Nelhybel
Track 26 - New Move / Stewart Crombie
Track 27 - Whimsical / The Leo Hassler Synthesiser
Track 28 - Papillon Rouge / Paolo Zavallone
Track 29 - Kryptoglyphics / Frank Gartner
Track 30 - Whistle Stop / The Leo Hassler Synthesiser
Track 31 - Nuclear Wash / Frank Gartner
Track 32 - Soul Power / The Syd Dale Orchestra
Track 33 - Turkish Delight / The Ebbinghouse Sound
Track 34 - Native Dance / Sperie Karas

Super sounds indeed from the Bosworth music library. Here is what the liner notes say -

"This is a collection of incredible sounds, never commercially released. For many years they sat, silently in a small archive just off Regent Street in London WI. Discovered in late 1995, these sounds from the sixties and seventies really show the progressive attitude of composers of the day. Listen, and you will agree that the production is also exceptional.

At the time of its original release, the music was destined for TV, film or radio. It was pressed in very short runs, then sent to broadcasting houses, advertising agencies and the like. It has never been commercially available but the occasional touch of music could be heard brilliantly backing broadcasts, including a germ killing sequence on a late sixties Domestos commercial.

The Bosworth Music Archive is unlike any other. This collection is aimed at all contemporary music buyers. The sounds will always stand the test of time and new music will, without doubt, benefit from its release.

Here you will hear a hectic, eclectic mix: rare electronic experimentation from 1965; strangely educated funk and fusion; dark pulsating jazz for unmade movies. Hey, maybe even a naked beach party.

Most of the music has been taken from the original 1/4 inch masters and some tracks are test pressings."

This is one of my favourite library music compilations, there is so much weird and wonderful experimentation going on. The electronic tracks are especially intriguing, it's unlikely you will have heard anything of its sort before. Enjoy.


spacedBoogie said...

An excellent post, thanks for linking to it again. Plenty to float my boat here.

GezaCsath said...

Vaclav Nelhybel. As they say...'Nuff Said'.

Kutmasta said...

i know im asking alot , but could u re up this album 2 PLEASE ?